what’s consulting revenue?

should i put consulting revenue in the income statement or balance sheet?3 AnswersConsulting revenue is revenue earned from providing or performing consulting services. It belongs to the income statement.Consulting RevenueSource(s): https://shrinke.im/a08gyFor the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avpMwThe answer is A $9,000 Here are your debit balances: Prepaid Insurance 4,000 Store Supplies 1,500 Accounts … Read more

Can the Comfortis flea pill be crushed?

I got this for my cat but not sure how I am going to get him to eat it. It’s to big to just hide in his food because he will know it’s something different and won’t eat it and plus he eats SO slow! I am thinking if I crushed it up he wouldn’t … Read more

what does chingalo mean?

Cheech Marin says “Chingalo” at the end of the movie Dusk till dawn. What does chingalo mean?5 AnswersChingalo is a spanish slang interjection meaning “f*** it”!Chingar, as a slang is used for many things… in this case, to say “kill him”**** it like being carelesschingalo means like kick his вυŧŧ A$$i dont know

General Chemistry question please help!?

What is the empirical formula for 54.53% C, 9.15% H, and 36.32%O by mass.CHO (please add subscripts or superscripts)The molecular mass of the compound is 132 amu. What is the molecular formula?2 AnswersC = 54.53/12.011 = 4.5400H = 9.15/1.008 = 9.0774O = 36.32/15.999 = 2.2701Divide by smallest: C = 2.0H = 4.0O = 1Empirical formula … Read more

Why is the energy stored in a capacitor E = 1/2QV?

the notes i found online say "Since the energy supplied by a power source is E = QV this means that capacitors store half the energy supplied to them (the rest is lost as heat in the wires and the power source)." I understand the E = QV equation because P = IV and then … Read more

Is it correct to say: first of all, second of all, etc.?

I hear this “first of all, second of all,” more and more. It seems to me it’s not right and one should just say “first of all, second, third, etc. I’ve listened to a prominent radio talk show journalist get up to “fourth of all.”Who is correct? Thanks12 AnswersIn common usage, “first of all” seems … Read more

What does tempus vincit omnia mean?

It’s the name of my favorite song.I don’t know what language it’s in or anything, sorry. :/5 AnswersIt’s Latin. Literally, it means time conquers all. However, more colloquially, the idea behind it is that time heals all wounds.Source(s): I’m a linguist.Vincit OmniaSource(s): https://shrink.im/baA0wThis Site Might Help You.RE:What does tempus vincit omnia mean?It’s the name of … Read more

express 2,750,389 in scientific notation?

4 Answersscientific notation is expressed in a x 10^n, where a is greater than or equal to 1, and less than 10.2,750,389 can be expressed as 2.750389 x 10^6Express In Scientific NotationSource(s): https://shrink.im/ba8gBScientific notation means that you have a number between 1 and 10 multiplied by 10 to a power, so this would be2.750389 x … Read more

206 b in the b. what does it mean?

4 Answers206 Bones in the Body. Got any more of these!!!206 B IN A Bhttp://www.chesskit.com/miscellaneous/quiz.php 24 H in a D 24 hours in a day 1 26 L of the A 26 letters of the alphabet 2 7 D of the W 7 days of the week 3 7 W of the W 7 wonders … Read more

Match each item with the process that provides its energy?

A. Hydropower B. Plants C. Sun D. Fossil fuels 1. Nuclear fusion 2. Photosynthesis 3. Water cycle 4. Plant life decay3 AnswersFIGURE IT OUT !A. Hydropower => Hydro is from greek and means “water”. So this would indicate the water cycle.B. Plants => A plant in general produces its own food. The word only word … Read more

I need pokemon fire red rom quick leveling code+master for visual boy advance?

I have limited internet access and cannot access a lot of things, so just the codes and no links please.4 Answersheres a few…Master Code for Pokemon fire red72BC6DFB E9CA5465A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86The 5000 EXP Code In FR337B239E B5061765A3F94196 26E7D330—————————————Rare candy in pc (there was no master code)77db5497 d7ee8c96—————————————Hold R Quick Level Up Ccb0b00331cff0b64ebc684826d34f8e1cd6b3d26375e67d————————————-i dont play fire red … Read more

What makes Starbucks a successful business?

I’m writing a one page paper on what makes Starbucks a successful business and i need all the info i can get. ThanksA website would be really helpful. *hint hint*14 AnswersI’m not a coffee drinker, but here is my 2 cents. Most coffee drinkers would probably agree that the coffee tastes good. However, it was … Read more

Why do girls wear short shorts and flip flops so much?

Every girl at my school wears short shorts and flip flops. Why13 AnswersBecause its cute and simple for really hot summer days:)Short shorts make your legs look a lot longer. And flip flops are easy to put on, but I usually don’t wear those.Plus, its summer. It keeps you cooler! And it can always make … Read more

How is working at Forever 21?

**Please answer ONLY if you currently work or have recently worked for Forever 21**How is working at Forever 21? Positives-negatives, how much did you get paid, whats the scheduling like, anything and everything. I’m thinking about getting a second job there so please let me know what your experiences have been!3 Answerswell i used to … Read more

In general, neurons are locked into G1. A. True B. False?

I have looked everywhere and my professor doesn’t use books, uses online, pleaseee help.3 AnswersFalse. They are usually in G0 phase not G1!!!!!!!!!!Source(s): http://ajp.amjpathol.org/cgi/content/full/155/2/32…True. Interphase has G1, S, and G2. The cell only goes through S (copying the DNA in the Synthesis stage) and G2 (making more cytoplasm and organelles to grow big enough for … Read more

help on this math problem below? please tell me the steps.?

the doctor tells the patient to cut back on coffee. the patient usually has four 8-oz cups of coffee per day. If the doctor told him to cut back by 25%, how many ounces of coffee can the patient have each day? (enter whole number only) books answer is 24. i dont know how they … Read more

Steam Error: Failed to load SteamUI localization file?

I have looked around on the Steam users fourms and tried to find my answer there but I haven’t seemed to have found the answer to my problem, at least one that actually works.This is a recent problem as my Steam was working fine on the 8th of this month, then on the 9th (Yesterday) … Read more