Is Bear Valley a real place in up-state New York (from Kelley Armstrong books)?

I was just wondering if there is a Bear Valley in New York?I tried googling it but couldn’t find2 AnswersIt fictional. There is, however, a state park call Bear Mountain State Park, which is located in the Upper Hudson Valley.Good luckNative New YorkerSource(s):…IT is fictional

How much does it cost to get a second ear piercing at Wal-Mart?

I want a second ear piercing and I was going to get it at Claires or Icing and i know it’s free with the purchase of earrings, but they’re all so expensive. How much does it cost at Wal-Mart?6 Answersyeah, walmart like claires does ear piercing free toowith the purchase of earrings. ive never got … Read more

How do you light a match with your teeth?

I saw it on a movie. If you have ever seen the Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson lights a match with his teeth. Is it fake or can it be done? If it is possible please tell me how.8 Answersmost matches nowadays are saftey matches that only light on the box, but non-saftey matches strike anywhere, … Read more

what is sin(1) in terms of Pi?

who is correct and how do you find out the answer?no, i am looking for sin(1), i know sin=1 is Pi/2 and sin(pi)=0.4 AnswersNo one is correct. sin(1) (in radians) and sin(1°) cannot be expressed in terms of π, but the latter can be expressed in terms of very nasty radicals. See this link: you … Read more

What is fascism?

I came across the term when reading an A-Level History book my teacher gave me today, and did not understand it. Grateful for any answers!32 AnswersThis is an interesting question and many will argue as to the fine definition of fascism. It is also complicated by the fact that there were four fascist governments in … Read more

¿Como se escribe NESECITO o NECESITO?

Es que tenemos un primo que se llama Nesecio y desde pequeño todos le dicen asi pero yo no se como se escribe…23 AnswersNECESITOnecesito.Necesitoen cuanto a tu primono importa como se escriba ya que esto depende de como lo hayan escrito cuando le sacaron el documentoosea si es miguel y escriben migel, el correcto es … Read more

Who is Samuel J Snodgrass?

I what watching Glee and heared his name and it happens to be my hubby last name.1 AnswerThe song “Make ‘Em Laugh” was performed on Glee. It was written by Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown and performed by Donald O’Connor in the musical film “Singing In The Rain”.“Make ‘Em Laugh” has lyrics that include:“And … Read more

what does the term “keep your head on a swivel” mean?

???help lol thanks2 AnswersKeep an open eye, look out in all directions — watch yourself! Someone is probably out to get you.It means, “Watch your back..And ,all other approaches..” You’re either going to a place of danger, or have ticked off the wrong people..

What happens if you get lemon juice in your eye?

9 AnswersIt will burn and you want to wash it out right away. Just put your head under the faucet with GENTLE flow of water and wash it out. If your vision is effected or burning continues go to urgent care for proper eye wash to be done.OK… let’s clarify ‘lemon-juice’… is it:Juice from a … Read more

what does FOB shenzhen mean?

What do Chinese suppliers mean when they use price term: FOB shenzhen?5 AnswersFreight On Board..generally speaking FOB means that the seller will pay freight to the port within that city. So for example if you bought something from a factory in SZ, that factory would then courier it to the boat but you have to … Read more

Queen for a Day and 5K?

This was part of a plea bargain on Breaking Bad..what does it mean?5 Answers“’Queen for a day’ is courthouse slang for what are more formally called proffer or protection-let ter agreements between prosecutors and witnesses who may also be defendants. A queen for a day letter is a contract. Somebody with knowledge of a crime, … Read more

air bag inflation question?

Automobile air bags inflate following a serious impact. The impact triggers the following chemical reaction.2NaN3(s) –> 2Na(s) + 3N2(g)If an automobile air bag has a volume of 11.6 L, what mass of NaN3 (in g) is required to fully inflate the air bag upon impact? Assume STP conditions. Answer in g.Anyone have any clue how … Read more

¿como quitar el chincual en los bebes?

9 AnswersPues mis abuelos me decian que con la hierba mora la consigues con algun hierbero o en el cerro es como unos tomatitos chiquitos morados , en dos litros de agua hierves una ramita de hierva mora y luego lo bañas con esa agua y listo puede ser diario hasta que desaparezca.pon a cocer … Read more

why do they always kill a tiger if it escapes from zoo?

why can’t they just recapture it and put him back in cage? instead of firing gunshot they can give him tranquilizer too.…15 AnswersNO——If the escaped animal is allready in a locked building, another encloser or restrained, when the police arrive there is no need. —A trankaliser can then be safely used by trained zoo … Read more

What song is this?

The lyrics are something like…”Don’t pour your love out on me baby, if you do then i think that maybe i’ll be…” Then I’m not sure and they say something about “crying for 100 years” and the last part I believe is “Don’t leave me drowning in my tears”. I think it’s a song from … Read more

what does oye esa mamada mean in spanish?

4 Answersif you mean what does oye esa mamada mean in english then it means hear that ꜱᴜcκingBoth those answers are right. The literal translation is “listen to that ꜱᴜcκing” but it really means something like “listen to that bullsh*t.”Source(s): Grew up with is something like: “listen! that stupid thing!” like when someone says … Read more

I need help with a Manifest Destiny Acrostic Poem?

OK so I need to right an acrostic poem about Manifest Destiny for US History. I got a few ideas from some history sites online but i still need help. They have to be complete sentences to so…yeah im stumped. If anyone has ideas please let me know.Once again the letters must be the start … Read more

LG Trumotion 120hz vs Sharp Aquomotion 240hz?

What would seem to be better. LG’s Trumotion 120hz enhances the refresh rate, which its unclear if its from actual 60hz enhanced or doubled to 120hz, or if its actually 120hz and then enhanced to ? While Sharp Aquomotion 240hz is actually from 120hz refresh rate to doubled using backlighting to 240hz.Both are not true … Read more

What word can I make with these letters. Gniyker?

7 AnswersThis Site Might Help You. RE: What word can I make with these letters. Gniyker?Source(s): word letters gniyker: Using These LettersSource(s): Word Using These LettersSource(s): sown sewn tour sour pour maws paws saws lawn pawn stun sews pews news pays says rays nays lays keys pawl pout tout rout lout maul … Read more

Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale summer 2014?

I would like to know when I should go to the Victoria’s secret semi annual sale of summer 2014 because I want to get great deals but I don’t know if they’ll have any bras my size left if I wait. Should I go to the sale on Tuesday June 10th when the sale starts … Read more

Who was Thomas H. McInnerney?

I know that he was part of Kraft Foods but was he like a CEO or something?1 AnswerThomas McInnerney McInnerney was from Chicago Illinois and actually built the company which one day became Kraft Industries. He had purchased Kraft-Phoenix which would later become Kraft Industries. He was a graduate from the Harvard Business school, he … Read more