¿color de 7 letras excepto naranja?

9 AnswersFuchsia, violeta, purpura, celeste, etc….…………………..SUERTE………………….Perladogranatevioletavioleta!!!!!!le atine?.. me das los 10 puntos!!!!vamos vamos.. di que siii!!!granatexDDDPurpura =DCELESTEMagenta.Además es un color primario, eh.. jejevioleta xDJaMmIn…xD

NYU Milk and Cookies Club?

Is there really a milk and cookies club? Is it official? What do they do, because I have heard they just eat cookies and drink milk? 10 points for best answer! Please provide a web link if possible!Thanks!2 AnswersYeah…it’s just something fun for the student body to enjoy. You can swap recipes, you get to … Read more

what does the following mean ..

t4m m4t, mw4mw mw4w mw4m w4mw m4mw w4ww m4mm mm4m ww4w ww4m mm4w m4ww w4mm t4mw mw4t THANKS iN ADVANCE <3 LMAO!I guess i should have made myself more clear..You know how m4w means mean 4 woman right??and w4m means woman 4 man..Soo yea..take it 4rm there…8 Answersi believe it’s: transexual for man, man for … Read more

Does anyone know this 80s to early 90s club song?

I am trying to the find the artist that had a single called i surrender. Some of the lyrics goes I surrender to your charms, I surrender to your loving arms..there’s also someone rapping in the background as well..this song may have come in the late 80’s…the hook or chorus also go’s “you know i … Read more

Hemlock Grove Intro Song !! HELP!!?

Does anyone know what the song is called that plays in the beginning of EVERY hemlock grove episode??? it is a very dark sounding piano piece… 2 Answers I know! I love Hemlock Grove and also love the intro song.. I have been looking around for the music sheet or at least a tutorial.. still … Read more

My husband doesn’t want me to celebrate his birthday?

My husband told me he doesn’t want anyone to wish him a happy birthday, nor does he want anything done special for his birthday. He told me what is there to celebrate but another year gone by in his life? His birthday is Sunday and I really want to do something nice for him, take … Read more

How can i join F.S.U. Friends Stand United / F**K $**T Up?

4 AnswersStop thinking that gangs and crews are something positive. Violence adds to more violence, creating only more fear and darkness. Be part of the solution, instead of feeling good about how “tuff” you appear to be. If you even have to ask how to join FSU, then you have already failed. To answer your … Read more

What does 111 mean?

Before you get into the meaning of the number 111, we advise you to be very direct when using this advice. Be realistic when it comes to your goals and the time frame that you want to achieve them in, and focus on providing yourself with the proper compassion if you fail somewhere along the … Read more

Where do nhl teams stay in montreal?

I am heading up to Montreal and want to know where the Bruins are staying4 AnswersThe NHL teams usually stay at hotels that offer plenty of security because they don’t want to have to deal with fans trying to come into the lobby or going up to rooms at all hours trying to find their … Read more

what does roquefort le pont means?

da word is from INXS song-god’s top ten3 Answersthe literal translation is ‘Roquefort the bridge’however inxs may have been using this in reference to the legend surrounding the discovery of the cheese Roquefort. Legend has it that the cheese was discovered when a young shepherd, eating his lunch of curds, saw a beautiful girl in … Read more

Does anyone know what happened to the Cain children?

I just watched the movie In The Best Interest Of The Children. It was about the Cain children who had a mentally ill mother that lost custody. They were first placed into a foster family that wished to adopt them and the kids thought they had no one since their mother didn’t allow their uncle … Read more

How do you say ‘loved’ and ‘I love him’ in Tagalog?

I need both of the translations5 AnswersLoved (as in past tense of love) — minahalLoved (as an adjective, e.g., “loved one”) — mahal (or for emphasis, mahal na mahal)I love him — mahal ko siyaNOTE — “mahal ko siya” can also mean “I love her” as the word “siya” refers to someone in the third … Read more

Adult World? what are those rooms in the back for?

If you are just going to tell me this is immature, don’t waste your time.So, me and some friends went to Adult World one day just for fun.There were these back rooms, sort of like dressing rooms but more private than that and an old man came out of them. He clearly did not work … Read more

konsumsi bbm katana untuk setiap liternya?

ehm berapa ya konsumsi bbm suzuki katana tiap liternya? apakah sama konsumsinya katana lama dengan yang baru?3 AnswersKatana bermesin 1000cc. Jika kondisi baik bisa 16 km, kondisi kurang baik 12 km, kurang dari 12km udah keléwat boros.Mobil baru dan lama pada prinsipnya sama, yg paling ngaruh adalah kondisi mobil dan mesinnya.Hampir sama sktr 1:15kmIrit dan … Read more

What is the meaning of SPC on an insurance card, is that the copay or is PCP?

On an insurance card for example it reads DED-90%/PCP $20 SPC $35 any feedback would be appreciated thanks 2 Answers PCP = primary care provider, $20 copay for office visit SPC = specialist, $35 copay for office visit https://shorturl.im/avLvt PCP = Primary Care Provider (for HMO plans) SPC = hard to tell, may be “Specialist”

what are olives called in hindi or any other indian language?

9 AnswersOlive is called Jaitun, Jalapai / जैतून, जलपाई in Hindi Aliv, Julipe / ಆಲಿವ್ in KanadaOliv / ઓલિવ in GujratiZeitun in FarsiOlibh, Jalpai in BengaliOleevu, Oli / ഒലീവ്, ഓലി in MalayalamJaitun / ਜੈਤੂਨ in PunjabiSaidun / சைதூண in TamilJaitun in TelguZetun / زیتون in UrduHope I’ve helped !!!!!!Indian all of us is named ‘Indians’ … Read more

What is a glossy clear finish applied to many kinds of materials called?

First letter starts with LLast one r.2 AnswersLacquer. (Clear or colored varnish.)People use terms for clear finishes quite loosely and many times not correctly, so be sure to get a clear finish that will work for the material and purpose you want. If you want a word that relates to them all, use clear “finish” … Read more

Determine whether 3x-4y+7=3y+1 is a linear equation?

4 AnswersRearrange the equation by adding 4y to both sides, and subtracting 1 from both sides3x + 6 = 7yso y = 3/7 x + 6/7this is in slope-intercept form, so it is linearYESdo the same operations to both sides, to set it equal to YSince this can be put in Y=mx + b form, … Read more