Paperless Car Title Certification?

Anyone know what a paperless car title certification looks like, im buying a car from a coworker because she has to leave the country for family emergency, but the lady is telling me she only has a paperless title certification, she gave me this paper but i never in my life see anything like that from the DMV in California, as you all know it was the holidays, then the weekend and the DMV here is open until monday but she leaves on sunday, i need to know what this paper looks like if its a true document! please help ASAP

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  • A paperless car title certificate is an ELECTRONIC TITLE or ELT. If a title is electronic is because there is a lien against the vehicle and the financial institution holds the ELT title until the account is paid off. I would strongly recommend you not to buy that car, she is financing or leasing it meaning that she does NOT own it and can’t sell it.

  • Paperless Title Certification

  • Be careful! The car may have a lien on it hence the “paperless car title certification”. Why not call a dealer today and find out what it means?

  • I’m speaking in regards to if this situation took place in California. You didn’t mention where you are however the process should basically be the same. You shouldn’t need the registration to sell the vehicle. However having the title will make it much easier. You can go to the DMV and get a Request for Duplicate Title. Once you complete this and submit it to the DMV they will issue you a duplicate title. However, you will probably not get a title before next week when you leave. Regarding a dealer, it all depends on how much they trust you.

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