What does ‘Let it roll right off your shoulder’ mean?

''Let it roll right off your shoulder''

Please I'm an english student and I need to know what that means. Please 🙁

7 Answers

  • Meaning of ''Let it roll right off your shoulder''

    it's a saying like f your boyfriend broke up with you some one would say ''Let it roll right off your shoulder'' like don't worry about forget about it and forget him.

    Basically it means don't worry about it don't get al stressed out.

  • It's a metaphor

    It's saying if you have a problem let it just drop

    It's like putting a ball on your shoulder

    If you let it roll off, it'll drop

    Hope this helps(:

  • Roll Off Your Shoulders

  • It means "don't let it bother you"

    Basically don't let it be a burden.

  • Omg.... It means just let it go.....Forget about it

  • forget about it, let it go.

  • 'get over it'

    'dont worry about it'

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