Pete Wentz’s phone number!!?

okay he does give out his number. i went to a fob concert the other day and it was written on the back of his guitar which he held up a couple times but me and my friends only caught the first four numbers. did anyone get it?

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  • okay...let me straighten things out...that Phone # was his friend Dirty's....I am his biggest fan,i should kno...(not Dirty's,Pete's) and all the other girls who said they were goin to marry him...good luck,he's 𝒈𝒶𝓎 and is going out with Patrick Stump(the lead singer in FOB)kk,thought i'd let u kno!Thanx 4 readin!

  • i think of if anybody is accustomed to, they might sell you the extensive type. Or they had placed it up on some cyber web internet site as a prank, yet no longer answer you right here. :-/ And *even* if any human beings is accustomed to his extensive type, why might we placed it right here so as that his attorneys can bypass after Yahoo solutions in an attempt to sue the guy who gave his extensive type away?

  • Sorry guys, but I'm new. How do you post a question (not a reply) in the Entertainment & Music Section?

  • dude he is the hotest guy ever. i wonder what his personality is like. did you know he sang in a band called Arma Angelus. its really hardcore.

  • what is your phone number

  • i wish i was there to get the number.

  • 874958754

  • i would kill to know it!!!!

    i am so marrying him!

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