Physical change or chemical change?

Oxygen gas changes to ozone during thunderstorms.

Freezing rain develops when a warm air mass overrides a cold air mass.

Carbon dioxide is produced by the combustion of gasoline in an automobile engine.

Fog forms from water vapor when the temperature drops below the dew point.

Solid waste decomposes in landfills and produces methane gas.

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  • chemical





    A physical change does not change the nature of the chemical (e.g. condensation of vapors, dissolution of sugar in water, etc…)

  • CHEMICAL. Physical is what you do to a piece of paper when you rip it apart. You my have changed its appearance, but you have not changed the fact that it is paper, its identity. Its chemical composition has not changed. usually it’s something like bending, breaking, cracking, splitting, etc. Chemical is when you change the molecular structure or something. Baking is a chemical reaction, believe it or not. Where do you think the air pockets in bread come from? Gas released because of a chemical reaction. plus the cake is turning from liquid to solid.

  • a fog appears on the windshield in cold wather

  • 1.chemical





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