please help me with 3 quick algebra questions?!?! 10 points?

2. Solve 10^6x = 93. Round to the nearest ten-thousandth. (1 point)





3. Use a graphing calculator. Solve 5.5^3x = 805 by graphing. Round to the nearest hundredth. (1 point)





4. The generation time G for a particular bacterium is the time it takes for the population to double. The bacteria increase in population is shown by the formula G = t over 3.3log a p, where t is the time period of the population increase, a is the number of bacteria at the beginning of the time period, and P is the number of bacteria at the end of the time period. If the generation time for the bacteria is 4.5 hours, how long will it take 4 of these bacteria to multiply into a colony of 7525 bacteria? Round to the nearest hour. (1 point)

95 hours

132 hours

2 hours

57 hours

1 Answer

  • Assume you mean 10^(6x) = 93.

    6x = log(93)

    x = (1/6)log(93) =

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