Please Help! PS3 NAT Type Failed?

Hello Everyone;

This seems to be a very frquent problem with PlayStation 3’s, The "NAT type" either fails or is set to 3. Mine however has never been 1, 2 or 3. It’s always been "failed" I have searched many forums and websites looking for walkthroughs,guides and tips on how to fix the problem but none of their soloutions have helped.

What I’ve done so far:

I’ve forwarded the recommended ports

I have also set the PS3’s IP address to DMZ

I’ve rebooted my PS3’s system completely

I have also completely reset my router, and reforwarded the required ports and such.

Without NAT I am unable to access the online features of games but I am still able to access the PSN HOME, the internet and I am also able to add friends, send messages and all that kind of stuff.

Anyone’s help is greatly appreciated, Cheers.

Bronson 🙂

Router Details:

Type: Wireless ADSL Router

Brand: D-LINK

Model: DSL-2740B

80130203 – PS3 connects to internet but not to network – Typically means that the required ports are not open to connect to store but PS3 can connect to internet.

That’s the error associated with this problem so it gives details on the situation, it says that the required ports may not be open but I’ve oƿє-ṅєd several, if anyone has found or is able to provide me with a list of ports I need to open that would be great!

I’ve made a thread on the SONY forums and one guy has given me quite a bit of help. I’m not sure If I am doing it wrong or it’s just not working…

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  • I dont know, but try these.

    1. Make sure your modem doesnt have a built in router.
    2. I would reset the router to factory settings and start over… again.
    3. Give ur ps3 a static ip. (VERY IMPORTANT so your PS3 ip address doesnt change make sure u do this before u open ports or put it in DMZ)**
    4. Make sure UPnP is enabled through the router.
    5. Then open the ports again.
    6. Try your PS3 again. If it still isnt fixed put your PS3 in DMZ and check again.

    Also make sure theres no problems with the latest firmware. One of the firmwares for mine made my router reboot several times a day. I had to go back to an older version till they fixed it.

    Use for the list of ports you need for the playstation network and for specific games also. This site you can select your modem and it will give you step by step directions on opening the ports in case u did something wrong… this link will take u strait to the directions specifically for your router for opening ports for PSN —>…

    Also open these ports for "playstation first party games" TCP 80,443,5223,10070-10080 UDP 3478,3479,3658,10070

    Theres also some really good helpful people on the D-Link forums so make sure you ask there if you havent already.

    Sorry i couldnt help more. If you get it fixed say how on here cause im curious as to why your having this problem.

    Try to look in these topics for a fix also.……

  • Nat Type Failed

  • Dmz is separate to port forwarding.

    If in dmz then all ports are forwarded.

    That configuration should always work.

    I suggest trying his ps3 at someone elses house.

    Then u can say if ps3 or network.

  • It may be your router. I’ve had the same problem with my old router, i constantly get NAT 2 even with DMZ and port forwarding, which lags alot for online shooters. I bought a new router thinking the problem is with my old one. On my new router, My NAT is always OPEN when on DMZ.

  • Try enabling PNP

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