please tell the meaning for hinidi word (baazigar)?

please tell the meaning for hinidi word (baazigar)

14 Answers

  • gambler or

    one who puts bets


    gar= one who puts it

  • Baazigar Meaning

  • Harkar bhi jitne wale ko baazigar kahte hai. I t means u wil win something despite of loosing sumthing. In that case loosing anythig is not of prime concern coz what ever u would be winning is more important.

  • A person who is the ace in doing wotever he does mostly doing risky things challenges not always gambling…it a james bond kind of thing where he gets to have the chicks in the end 🙂


  • Baagigar means win the play game or any types competition. so person would tell baazigar.

  • ‘Baazigar’ is an Urdu word, meaning Gambler.

  • Jeet ker harnewale ko BAAZIGAR kahte hai. Do you seen Baazigar movies?


    Thanks for asking!! I was just going to post this one myself. Now, what the heck is a smeckle??

  • a person who win in any kind of challenge is known as baazigar.

  • a person who bets or gambles

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