pls check my physics work (actually want to get it right so i won’t have to redo it again)?

*An object has a gravitational potential energy of 750 joules and is sitting on a shelf 3.0 meters above the ground. what is the object’s mass


tbh i don’t really think I’m right

2 Answers

  • You forget to divide by the gravitational acceleration. Your answer is in Newtons –> divide it by 9.81m/s^2 to get it in kg and your answer is correct.

  • Gravitational potential energy = m * g * h = m * 9.8 * 3 = m * 29.4

    m * 29.4 = 750

    m = 750 ÷ 29.4

    This is approximately 25.5 kg. You forgot to use g in the equation for the gravitational potential energy.

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