Police abreviation, “VG”.?

I am watching Police interceptors on channel 5, and alot of the police have VG written on their vans and high viz jackets. Cant seem to find out what it means. anyone got any ideas?

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  • Its an identifying code, for the unit or police station, or even the specific van that the officer is assigned to, its genrally also used as a radio call sign

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  • VG is the Force Identifier code for Essex Police. The V region is SE England and so all forces in this area will have a V followed by another letter. For example Hertfordshire Police is VH.

  • Essex Police Interceptors

  • The letters are just a code for the unit or whatever it is they are attached to. This varies wildly, according to the Force and its practises. UD means (or meant) the Met’s Marine Support Unit, for instance. Some Forces use no letter codes at all on their uniforms. I don’t know what VG stands for.

  • Where are they? UK, US, somewhere else?

    What are they doing? Drugs raids, traffic police, arresting rapists?

    VG could well refer to the station or Command Unit/Policing Unit they belong to, especially in UK police forces. Could refer to ‘vehicle crime’, as in a team that deals with vehicle crime. Hard to help without more context, sorry.

  • Hi ,my wife has just asked me the question. My brother and dad are in the West Mids Police, i believe its the Division/Station they are based at

  • it means vagabonnd

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