Poll~ What are you doing right now besides being on Y!A ?

38 Answers

  • To see if I should link the song I had for you… should I? 

    See the two songs below… I’m about to upload the video and use ‘beautiful’ as the background to the other video of a time when a man met a woman who became something more to him than he realised. He thought he lost her and she, too, thought she lost him… only to discover he feels the same about her as she did for him. 

    *Shut off the audio for the video and only play ‘beautiful’ for the background and you’ll see what I mean… that moment they met was just… well—>> beautiful. The love of two people for each other…



  • Checking my email and the weather report.

  • Marinating dinner. BBQ chicken. Waiting for my beer to chill. Hoping it finally rains. 

  • Binge watching new shows 😉

  • Rewatching all the seasons of SyFy’s Face Off

  • I’m at work and checking out YA during my break

  • Listening to TV.

  • I was helping T get down the stairs.

  • I’m working. Am over this week.

  • I am getting ready to sign off work.

  • Working, and trying to keep my sanity.

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