Predict the stability of the following species?

Assuming that stability requires that each atom obey the octet rule, predict the stability of the following species:





Okay… so I have no idea what this question is asking for. How do I go about to answer this?

3 Answers

  • those atom having 8 eletrons in its outer shell say to be stable. If u able to draw every electronic structure of this compound u will able to see it even clearer. For PCl both P and Cl valance has 8 e(otect configuration) so is stable. H3O + also stable, as well as CO. The only unstable compound is CH2 where the otect configuration of C have not fulfilled.

    Source(s): Diploma in Chemistry and Biology
  • PCl3 is stable due to the fact that both P and Cl have 8 e. in their last electron shell.… as you may see in this picture both P and Cl share electrons in order to make 8 electrons in their last shell. CH2 (methylene) is stable only in gaseous state as C has only 6 electrons in its last electron shell.… In order for C to have electrons in its last electronic shell CH2 dimerizes at very high concentrations turning into C2H4. Do the same with the others

  • I think you have to say whether each specie is stable (has 8 electrons in it’s outer shell)

    example CO

    Oxygen is 2-

    carbon would be 2+

    Oxygen would then go from 6 electrons on outer shell to 8 electrons

    carbon would go from 4 electrons to 2 electrons

    So i would say CO is not stable

    I think it’s that anyway :S

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