Pronunciation of Sepia?

I have noticed a growing trend to pronounce sepia (sēpía) with a soft “e” as in September. Is there somewhere that this pronunciation is correct?

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  • Sepia Pronunciation

  • Sepia is an spanish word meaning a cephalopod similar to squid, wider and bigger. They are sepia colured when camuflating. I pronounce it with open e, I think it’s the proper pronounciation better than seepia

    Ok CPU then


    Fuzzy, snazzy, cuddly and basically the myriad of funny cute words existing in English. Maybe English natives can’t see it, but the English language is one of the most important and impressive achievements of humanity. Every word fits it’s worldly manifestation so precisely, meticulously even and everything is wrapped in those beautiful sounds… Doushita in Japanese is really beautiful (^.^)

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  • Sea Pea ah named after squid ink prints.

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  • Another vote for C P uh. That is how I have always heard it from those who should know.


  • Not that I am right, but for fifty years, it’s been SEE-pee-uh to me.

  • Hope this helps!

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