“protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to”?

skirt, sewing, seamstress?

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  • I want to say Skirt simply because heroine and protagonists are close synonyms. Sometimes the heroine can be a antagonist if the protagonist is a villain? but i’ll keep it simple and say skirt. ha ha the other two don’t seem to agree as well as skirt.

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    "protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to"?

    skirt, sewing, seamstress?

  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/E2HWm

    Ready made. I’m short and have a big a s s though, so it’s hard to find pants that fit.

  • the heroine is the protagonist so skirt is clothing fits.


  • I would say gown or dress but i haven’t done these in a looooong time and might be rusty. =)

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