Punching through a car window?

How hard do you think it would actually be to punch through a car window (like the driver window)? And if it could break your hand?

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  • It depends on the car, eg. older is generaly easier.

    Other than this the rear window is easier than the front as it does not have to pass the same safety tests. Side windows are not too hard and all car windows are easier to break from the inside.

    Most adult men should be able to break a car window with their fist without too much trouble but they may hurt themselves in the process if they don’t know what they are doing.

    -Regarding the superhuman adrenaline, it is actualy a 4th muscles type that provides bursts of extreme power/energy that is usually unusable and ‘activiates’ as an emergency measure, it is thought to develop in relation to the endurance muscle to make up for lack of development in the fast twitch muscles when needed for emergency situations. There is no proven way to deliberately develop this muscle.

    -It has been suggested that developing the ability to conciously use this muscle group is where some of the superhuman martial arts legends come from.

  • I have punched thru driver’s side window on 2 occasions and yes I was ᴘιssed.off. Once with bare hand (slight cut) the other time with leather glove on . Hand a little sore for a few days but no broken bones. Weight 180 lbs 5′ 10".

    Saw an article when the Terminator smashed his fist thru a windshield they used a hydraulic arm as one would shatter a forearm punching a front windshield from the outside in.

  • I just learned about this. If a man were to attempt to break a car window he would have to have that "super human" adrenaline to kick in.

    For example, have you ever seen or heard about those stories where a person lifts up a car to save someone’s life? Well that’s the "super human" adrenaline that kicks it. I don’t exactly know what it’s called but when you start thinking that you are in danger, your brain sends signals throughout your body telling it to pump more adrenaline causing you to go through dangerous heights of strength.

    So if you were to ACTUALLY break a car window by punching it, you’d most likely break your hand and would probably be in danger. Make sense?

  • I am a 17 year old male, weighing approx. 150 Ibs and I’m 5’11. My ex stole my phone and tried deleting all of my court evidence I was going to use against her. She locked herself in her car with the windows rolled all the way up. It only took me one punch to shatter the glass, only ending up with a few pieces of glass in my hand. I felt fine the morning after, just a little sore where the cuts on my fingers were but as far as broken bones go, nothing was wrong. She is now calling me a pyschopath and all sorts of other names but I would like to refer to myself as the white Bruce Lee.

  • I’m somewhat embarrassed to say this but I actually broke the front windshield of my truck once. I have a fear of black widow spiders to be specific. One was on it. I punched….Crack, through the entire thing. T_T good thing I save a lot.

    I’m sure rather your hand would break depends on the conditioning and how strong it is (not to mention the type of glass), as well as your wrist. But that isn’t what you need to worry about. It’s getting your hand cut by all the glass.

    Source(s): Experience. No damage to my hand what so ever. Never even hurt at all. Not even red skin to show irritation.
  • It takes something like 500 psi to break a windshield, plus considering it’s tempered glass, I’d say you’d break your hand or at the bare minimum gut cuts all over you hand.

  • I have punched through many front windshields from different cars (mine of course) even 1 new one with left hand. never cut myself and could only do this while extreamly mad. if i tried it NOT mad, id break my hand. yes there is a hidden muscle or strength in emergency mode but can also be activated when real mad. This special muscle also some how protects your bones from breaking and the pain never happens.. harness this and u r Bruce Lee. of course your life growing up has to be a little crappy to build these anger strengths. or maybe not.

  • It would hurt a lot. You might break your hand. Many cars have bullet proof windows.

  • its rabitt punch is the punch to use if you dont want cuts n **** on your hands

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