purina pedigree or beneful?

ok now dont say:these dog foods are all crap etc. i am on a tight budget so dont judge me. i want you to give a reason and state why one of these dog foods is better than the other. Also does beneful have more real meat than others? also, does beneful make puppy chow? Answer all of these question and you will get the best answer

3 Answers

  • To be honest yes these dog food are not very good for your dog but if you are going to choose one of them look at the nutrition facts and pick the one with the least amount of “meal” “by-product” and corn in the ingredients. Benful is made by purina, the best food in your list i can recommend would be purina dog, if you have a puppy then you should get purina puppy chow.

  • Well out of those, Beneful would be best because if you read the bag, it has most healthy stuff in it. And beneful does have more real meat than a lot. I think some are about the same though. Beneful does not make puppy chow I’m sorry to say

  • I’m guilty of feeding the lesser quality foods. But here’s the reason. We own a Labrador in addition to a few show cats. We did feed our Lab Diamond brand food for awhile, but then they changed the formula cause our Lab would not eat it (and she eats anything put in her bowl). The more expensive Diamond food also gave her a drier coat and she was shedding more. So I picked up a bag of the Beneful dog food and noticed a big improvement in the coat, somewhat less shedding and she has not stopped eating it. So I’m sticking to the Beneful even tho people will say I’m a bad owner.

    If it works for your dog, use it. I have no clue if there is a puppy version as our Lab is 7 yrs old.

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