Im looking up apple iPhones on the Optus store and there are all these different plans, i want to get the plan for $19 but it also says something about a ‘handset cost’ which is $25 per month.What is a handset cost? does this mean i have to pay $44 a month?3 AnswersHey HeMoFAN,That’s correct. … Read more

i think i turning into a vampire what are the symptoms?

21 Answers ur probably not but if u areu should look for a teacher. they’re hard to find but not impossible. Physical characteristics: * Pale skin * Sensitivity to sunlight physically (i.e., sunburn easily) and/or visually * Visual sensitivity to any light source * Better night vision than day vision * Eye color changing with … Read more

What does the Milky Way fragmented spiral arm pattern suggest?

3 Answersthe reason is like lets say a sink fill it with water unclog it it starts going down like a tornado sucking everything near it and there for since our galaxy has ablack hole it sucks in mass after mass matter by matter star by star giving it the shape of a huricane and … Read more

What does hopeful wishing mean?

2 AnswersDo you mean “wishful thinking?” Because they mean about the same thing. You’re just hoping or wishing for something, being optimistic….but the term sort of implies that there’s not much chance of whatever your hoping for happening.Wishing for something that may or may not ever come true. Like wishful thinking too.

What is the answer to 1+2+3×0?

8 AnswersYou have to take PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, division, subtraction) into consideration. No parenthesis? Moving on. No exponent? Moving on. But there is multiplication, so you do that before the addition. 3×0=0. And then, you get to 1+2=3.The answer is three.Anyone who says it’s zero is ill informed.If the x is a multiplication symbol … Read more

A quanto equivale 1/2 ?

Nelle carte fatte dal notaio c’è scritto 1/2scusate l’ignoranza ma quanto sarebbe?4 AnswersSarebbe 1 diviso 2 quindi 0,5!1/2 cioè 1 : 2 = 0,5 cioè metàscritto in un documento notarile è molto probabile che sia associato alla quota di proprietà di un immobile. mi spiego meglio:se, per esempio, risulti proprietario di 1/2 dell’appartamento, vuol dire … Read more

Is old Kmart stock worth anything?

My mom retired from Kmart in 1995 and she still has about 30 shares of Kmart stock. I understand Kmart merged with Sears several years ago. Should she just throw them away or are they worth anything?Thanks11 AnswersKmart stock will long serve as a warning to investors. Kmart shares are worthless. Kmart, the store, exists … Read more

how to make my boyfriend hard in school?

i want to make my boyfriend hard in school so he knows he is mine11 Answers4these people that are saying to get your mind on studying and books dont know what their talking about, its not like you have to study 24/7 , get up study , middle of the day study, about to go … Read more

how many onions and tomatoes does it take for 100 hamburgers?

1 slice of onion and 1 slice tomato per hamburger6 Answers25 tomatoes, and no onions. Gives them bad breath.It all depends, like everything in the world. If you are using Bermuda onions – thinking those are commonly used but mostly that size onion – and tomatoes that are about the same, and I would use … Read more

free neocash card codes that work?

6 AnswersIf you want, you can always use this site to get NeoCash. It is free, but they make you work for it.http://points.gamergifts.net/?ref=50403You sign up and fill out surveys and each survey is worth so many points. Once you have 100 points you can order a card (they really just email you the code). When … Read more

is there any way to make opaque tights more sheer?

i have white tights that are very opaque and im looking for a sheer look.is there any way to make them more sheer? lik any special thing to put on them or way to stretch them or anything?3 AnswersOther than streaching them, you need to get some lighter weight tights.GO and buy sheer pantyhose that … Read more

Write 84 as a product of primes. Use index notation?

5 Answers12 x 72^2 x 3 x 7You can see 84 is divisible by 4, so 84 = 4*2184 = 2*2*3*7 = 2^2*3*72^2 × 3 × 7If you don’t know what prime numbers are, they are numbers that are only divisible by themselves and 1. These include: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, … Read more

legal gambling age of oklahoma?

12 Answers Neffer is right I work in a Okla.cassino also the gambling age is 18,if they don’t serve alcohol. Oklahoma Gambling Age Gambling Age In Oklahoma 1 I work in a casino in Oklahoma. The legal gambling age is 18. I don’t know if all the casinos in OK are 18 and up, but … Read more

Massari Inta hayati karaoke or instrumental?

I am looking for instrumental or karaoke version of this song. can any one help me? I tried searching on google and yahoo. but i could’nt find it. please help me2 Answersget the instrumental herehttp://www.airmp3.net/search/massari_inta_hayati_i…Inta Hayati Massari

Cuanto tiempo te dura un tanque de gas LP de 30 kg?

Yo lo tengo conectado al calentador del baño y a la estufa y solo me dura 1 mes!!! solo somos 2 en casa y en casa de mis padres les dura hasta 3 meses el mismo tanque!!! y a tí, cuanto te dura?7 AnswersSi tienes dudas respecto del peso del líquido que te están vendiendo… … Read more

What is “Japanese cartoon monkey logo mouths”?

In Family Guy Season 8 “Partial Terms of Endearment”, Peter says to Lois that you mean you too used to, you know, bump “Japanese cartoon monkey logo mouths”. What is “Japanese cartoon monkey logo mouths”? Is this something about Japanese Anime character?Thank you.3 AnswersHaha! I’m just watching this episode now! I’m guessing Peter is refering … Read more

what does mudandome mean in spanish?

not literal translation4 Answers(I am) moving (to another place)I’m moving=mudandome!moving memoving…likeyo me estoy mudando = i’m moving

Band named The “something” Project?

Im looking for the name of a band that i used to listen to on yahoo music. It popped up when they had the music tracker thing but i cant find them anymore. this band had lots of members in it and the lead singer was a white guy. there was a girl in it … Read more

how much is my 1698 bible worth?

How much is this old bible worth?Hi I have two old bibles that have been in the family for a long period of time, I wanted to know if they are worth anything.One is dated 1698 Society for promoting christian knowledge and has red front cover (very large)The other Bible is from 1885 called the … Read more

what does it mean to have a shaker smile?

kid cudi lyrics soarin’Is this allowed?I sure bet my daddy proudA little ***** wit a Shaker smileOn top of the dreams is where I’m found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnsAWbhsL8Q1 AnswerIt means hes gonna rape you and your family

Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

This is a riddle. See if you can figure it out. 11 Answers fire the wicked Witch of the West LOL ummm…ummmm lets see an animal?? ahahaha a gremlin ant What is fire, Alex? kinda easy……fire!!! Ummm…Paris Hilton? LOL I know stupid answer. Can you please answer my question? Fire duh , fire ???