Is there a way I can make cans heavier when I recycle them?

lol, I was just wondering, like, what can I put inside of them so the workers wont notice and that I can make alot of money?? Of course, the more pounds, the more money..14 AnswersIs someone here saying that x pounds of AL will weight x+y if it is smashed into a small size?? I … Read more

what does press hard three copies mean ? ?

im a lil lost!6 AnswersUm…did you possibly get rude with the officer? Seems to me in my younger days…”press hard there’s three copies” was a snide way of saying “thanks for being a jerk to me!”Maybe had you been a bit more cordial with the officer…you wouldn’t have gotten the ticket!If an officers says that … Read more

No Aux Port…how can I listen to music?

My friend has a 2005 Lincoln Aviator that does not have an aux port & he has an android phone he uses to listen to music…is there a way for him to listen to music in his car?6 AnswersIf it has an external audio source – like a cd changer – there should be some … Read more

explain how you can tell 4/5 is in its simplest form?

6 AnswersIt is… but that is not your question….It is a math proof that ALL numbers can be written as a series of PRIME number multiplied togeather.Where a primenumber is a number has only itself and one as a factor.if you re-write a rational number (a freaction) as the top prime factored and the bottom … Read more

apa sih nama celana ketat cewek?

Cewek kan suk pake celana ketat yang elastis tuh kalo lagi pake rok, biar nggak diintip cowok. celana model ini biasanya cuma sampe lutut. Ibu2 malah suka pake celana ini doang kalo lagi beres2 rumah / senam. Belakangan waktu olahraga sepeda mulai tren, cowok yang naik sepeda suka pake celana model ini juga. saya heran/penasaran, … Read more

Does someone have a product key to Sims 2 Open for business?

I lost my book and now I am unable to play the game. This really upsets me because I paid so much money not to be able to play the game. I would appreciate it extrememly if any one would offer out a product key to install the game. Thank you.1 AnswerAny of these should … Read more

Liga de zinco oxida?

Sou leigo no assunto, quero comprar um colar, e o site disse q é feito de Liga de Zinco, vou poder tomar banho com ele normal? dura mto tempo sem oxidar?2 AnswersOxida!Larga um óxido meio azulado, mesmo em contato com a acidez da pele.Oxida sim.Compre ué, porém nao tome banho com ela..

¿cual es el numero de celular de leo messi?

porfavor denme su numero con codigo para llamada internacional13 Answersel verdadero numero de messi es 632 92 78 19 me lo dio en un partidoNumero De Messi618101331601 800 H O R M O N A S che, sabeloRecibe llamadas gratuitas al:1-800-MessiSoy un viejo amigo, conocido de Leo Messi, hace como unos 3 meses que no … Read more

What does my name mean in Italian?

My name is Taylor and Im doing an English project where we write a My Name Poem and i need to know what my name means in Italian and there HAS to be another meaning to my name than tailor i mean really?! All my friends and family have names that mean Loved and confident, … Read more

chemistry question help?!!?

8H2(g) + S8(s) —> 8H2S(g)When 25.6g of S8(s) (molar mass 256g/mol) reacts completely with an excess of H2(g) according to the equation above, the volume of H2S(g), measured at 0 degrees celcius and 1.00 atm, produced is closest toa) 30L b) 20L c) 10L d) 5L e) 2Lplease explain! and thank you in advance1 Answer8H2(g) … Read more

what’s the difference between IPS and UKPA on a passport?

where it tells you the place of issue. 8 Answers IPS (Immigration & Passport Service) is the new name of the UK Passport Agency. 20 or 30 years ago they used to put the actual name of the town where the passport was issued there. It stands for Identity & Passport Service Not Immigration! Passport … Read more

how to kill weeds?????white spirit?

We have re-landscaped our garden this year and it was lovely in the spring. But now our garden is over run with weeds, I mean theres so many of the things you cant tell them apart from the plants,the borders look like the amazon! there even all over grass!! Is it true that if you … Read more

What is this in my ground turkey?

I made turkey burger patties a few days ago and froze them. Today I cooked one and ate it for lunch. But I noticed a few tiny white pieces, and also a few clear bits. They were really small, but I tend to pick at my food and overanalyze everything. I have also noticed these … Read more

your reading material describes productivity as a “what” situation?

is it WIN-WIN, NO-WIN, HIGH PRESSURE, or WORKAHOLIC1 AnswerProductivity is a win-winProductivity is the quality or state of being productive. Counter-productive would be no-win. High-pressure and workaholic are subjective and not implied. The act of being productive would seem to negate all but win-win.

What does a discount of 50/10/10 mean?

I have a new business in which a supplier’s price list shows a 50/10 discount under $1500 and a 50/10/10 above $1500. What exactly does this mean?Additionally, with payment terms: 4% 30, 2% 60, net 90… this means payment is due within 90 days at 4% for the first 30 and so on?6 Answers50/10/10 = … Read more

¿color de 7 letras excepto naranja?

9 AnswersFuchsia, violeta, purpura, celeste, etc….…………………..SUERTE………………….Perladogranatevioletavioleta!!!!!!le atine?.. me das los 10 puntos!!!!vamos vamos.. di que siii!!!granatexDDDPurpura =DCELESTEMagenta.Además es un color primario, eh.. jejevioleta xDJaMmIn…xD

NYU Milk and Cookies Club?

Is there really a milk and cookies club? Is it official? What do they do, because I have heard they just eat cookies and drink milk? 10 points for best answer! Please provide a web link if possible!Thanks!2 AnswersYeah…it’s just something fun for the student body to enjoy. You can swap recipes, you get to … Read more

what does the following mean ..

t4m m4t, mw4mw mw4w mw4m w4mw m4mw w4ww m4mm mm4m ww4w ww4m mm4w m4ww w4mm t4mw mw4t THANKS iN ADVANCE <3 LMAO!I guess i should have made myself more clear..You know how m4w means mean 4 woman right??and w4m means woman 4 man..Soo yea..take it 4rm there…8 Answersi believe it’s: transexual for man, man for … Read more

Does anyone know this 80s to early 90s club song?

I am trying to the find the artist that had a single called i surrender. Some of the lyrics goes I surrender to your charms, I surrender to your loving arms..there’s also someone rapping in the background as well..this song may have come in the late 80’s…the hook or chorus also go’s “you know i … Read more