Beelzebub Anime Vs Manga?

I hear the manga is a lot better and you don’t get all the characters. Does the anime essentially follow the manga story line completely though? I can’t find the last episodes in the manga at all so if they stop at 60 episodes I won’t know where to pick up from. Could someone tell … Read more

Factor ab + 4 + a + 4b?

Here’s another algebra question that I simply CANNOT get. Can you help me? Thanks a bunch! 😀3 AnswersThis is factoring by grouping, so rearrange to be this: ab + a + 4 + 4b, so then its just a(1 + b) + 4(1 + b) = (a +4)(1 + b)Ab 4 A 4bSource(s): =ab+4b+a+4= … Read more

Pulling blocks question…?

Three identical blocks connected by ideal strings are being pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a horizontal force F. The magnitude of the tension in the string between blocks B and C is T= 3.00N . Assume that each block has mass m= 0.400kg. What is the magnitude F of the force? What is … Read more

How do massive stars change the atmosphere?

6 AnswersNot sure what you’re referring to… our atmosphere is mostly nitrogen/oxygen – both gases were created by very massive stars, many times greater than our sun – our sun isn’t massive enough to create the gases needed for our atmosphere…The heavier elements come from very hot environments. Our sun has mostly just hydrogen and … Read more

What is 150,000 x 12?

My calculator isn’t giving me the answer I think might be correct. I have poor maths skills, sorry.I am trying to figure out how many words I could type a month. Roughly 150,000, I do believe. So is I typed 150,000 words a month, each month, how much would I type in a year? 150,000 … Read more

What does the saying “Put a silk hat on a pig” really mean?

I think it means to dress something up – but underneath you still have the same problem3 AnswersIt means that you shouldn’t try to make something into what its not. If you put a silk hat on a pig its still a dirty pig (exept now it has a hat) It means don’t waste your … Read more

Here’s a puzzle– 2 actors who seem oddly similar?

Colin Hanks, from the new cop comedy “The Good Guys”, distinctly reminds me of Sean Murray, who plays “Tim McGee” on the original “NCIS”. Mannerisms, similar facial structure, especially now that Sean has lost so much weight. Anybody know if the two are [email protected] lewi– Wow – that’s pretty cool info. Very 6 degrees of … Read more

What does it mean “Live 8e/5p”? and what is it in central time?

3 AnswersE C M P so 8 7 6 57:00 central time. “Live” means that the broadcast is not recorded; it is broadcast in real time. The times given are 8 eastern, 5 pacific. US Central time is one hour different from Eastern.8 eastern time zone, 5 pacific time zone, central would be 7 o’clock

What is the name of the song?

It goes something like this: Oh lord i’m a lose my mind got what you need to get you high how bout we just take some time gonna get me a slice of that cherry pie3 AnswersCunning – Cherry Pie (Blue Mountain State music)Cherry Pie CunningSource(s): Cherry PieSource(s):

Accounting E15-10 help please?

Tomlin Company begins operations on April 1. Information from job cost sheets shows the following. Manufacturing Costs Assigned Job Number – April —- May —- June —- Month Completed 10 $5,200(april) $4,400(may) May(completed) 11 4,100(april) 3,900(may) $3,000(june) June(completed) 12 1,200(april) April(completed) 13 4,700(may) 4,500(june) June(completed) 14 4,900(may) 3,600(june) Not completeJob 12 was completed in April. … Read more

What weighs exactly 200 grams

i just bought a jewelry scale and to calibrate it i need something exactly 200 g like 4 quarters or something like that u get the idea plus its hlaf my palm so keep in mind its small thanks9 Answers2kg200 Gram WeightSource(s): Site Might Help You. RE: What weighs exactly 200 grams i just … Read more

What channel is family guy on for direct tv?

For NY…the channels Family guy come on?2 AnswersIt’s usually on the CW or TBS, and I know TBS is channel 247 for all locations. For the CW, it depends what channel that is in your viewing area.Family Guy DirectSource(s):

Softball Players Nicknames?

I’m coaching a girls’ softball team (age 10), and I have 3 girls with the same name! To solve this problem, my daughter gave me the idea to give everyone on the team a nickname. Anyone have any ideas for softball related nicknames appropriate for 10 year olds? I need 10.10 AnswersYou can try calling … Read more

Factor 6x^2 – 13x + 5 = 0?

11 AnswersSOLUTION: (3x -5)(2x -1) = 0EXPLANATION:First notice the highest term coefficient. it is 6.That means it can be either(2x+___)(3x+___) //* or could be negative signor(x+____)(6x+___)Those would make highest term 6x^2.Now focus on constant 5.It can be (2x__1)(3x___5)Where ___ indicates you have to do trial and error for sign.To get positive 5, it can be … Read more

how would you cite sylvia plath’s poem “daddy”?

for English, I don’t know anything other than the title or author4 Answers“Daddy” is a poem written by the American Poet Sylvia Plath. It was written on October 12, 1962, shortly before her death, and published posthumously in Ariel in 1965.[1] The poem’s implications and thematic concerns have been discussed academically with differing conclusions.[2] The … Read more

what does unmitigated temerity mean?

its on a test im taking tomorrow and i don’t know what it means.thanks !9 AnswersWell, unmitigated means undiluted, pure, strong, absolute, and temerity means excessively bold, rash, reckless, foolhardy.So it means absolute and total rashness, recklessness, or boldness.Source(s): OEDTemerity DefinitionSource(s): to the above posters, but I would like to add that the phrase … Read more

what does it mean to dream that my dog died?

Last night I dreamt that my dog died and then I woke up crying. what does it mean coz my dog is really young and healthy?5 AnswersTo see a dog in your dream, indicate a skill that you have ignored or forgotten, but needs to be activated. Alternatively, dogs may symbolize intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, … Read more

what does staf allah translate to?

i heard Lupe Fiasco use it many times, i understand almost everything else he says in arabic, but that escapes me.3 Answerslol it’s “astaghfirullah” it just sounds like that when one says it fastIt means “Allah forgive me” and is used when one has committed a sin or said something they aren’t supposed to. I … Read more

If 20 – 4/5 x is greater or equal to 16 then…?

A. X < or = to 5B. X > 5C. X > 32 1/2D. X < 32 1/22 AnswersThe answer to the question is A. What you do, is first get rid of the fraction by multiplying everything by 5. You should then have 100-4x>=80. Now subtract 100 from each side. Then what your going … Read more

Yamaha FZ6R vs. Yamaha YZF-R6 (a.k.a. R6)?

I really like both of these bikes… But eventually I will have to choose between the two. What are the major differences? As far as I can see one is sport touring and one is super sport. But other than that they have the same engine and nearly everything else is the same. They even … Read more

Why do New Yorkers hate New Jersey?

I have lived in New Jersey, New York, Nor-Cal and So-Cal.. I will never understand why people hate places they haven’t really experienced. People from New York judge Jersey from the turnpike (there are a lot of nice parts of NJ I promise you). Living in all these different places I’ve learned that people from … Read more