Physic Net Torque Homework Help?

The 2.0kg, uniform, horizontal rod in Figure P7.19 is seen from the side. What is the gravitational torque about the point shown. Please show me how you would work out. The answer I got is not the one that is provided in the book. Here is Fig 7.19…2 Answers(2kg x 9.8) = 19.6N. weight. … Read more

Full list of roblox commands?

I’m wondering what ALL of the roblox admin commands are i have the 299 something or other but a list would be great and 10 points to best21 Answersall the commands fix If the command script breaks for you, say this to fix it kill/Person299 kills Person299 loopkill/Person299 Repeatedly kills Person299 when he respawns unloopkill/Person299 … Read more

what does “through me off” mean?

is there some kind of on-line idioms dictionary???23 AnswersWhat’s the context?I think you might mean “threw me off” ?So if I say to someone…”Wow, that kind of threw me off.”Depends on the situation it is pertaining to but typically means that something occurred that was not expected and was a bit of a surprise.I think … Read more

What is this song? “I don’t care how high you are.”?

I only remember the lyrics “I don’t care how high you are.” It’s a girl’s voice and it’s edm but I have no clue what it’s called! Help!2 Answers“High You Are” — Branchez Remix

what does arrest type hld and onv mean?

4 Answers1Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database – Site Might Help You.RE:what does arrest type hld and onv mean?Source(s): arrest type hld onv mean: to Wiki Answers,“ONV means “ON View arrest” which is an arrest that happens because the officer witnessed the crime”.“HLD” means “hold”.He is being held because the officer actually witnessed the … Read more

Which of the following best explains ways in which fish and mammals differ?

Fish are invertebrates and have scales and paired fins, while mammals are vertebrates and have fur or hair.Fish are ectothermic and lay eggs to reproduce, while mammals are endothermic and give live birth to offspring.Fish are endothermic and have gills, while mammals are ectothermic and have lungs.Fish have streamlined bodies and three-chambered hearts, while mammals … Read more

I said to my reflection let’s get out of this place ?

2 AnswersTempted by Squeeze the churches, the steeples, the laundry on the hill, the billboards and the buildings… memories of it still keep calling.. and calling… Tempted by the Fruit of Another…. I’m sorry I don’t remember the group though…

HOMEWORK HELP! “what did the alien jigsaw puzzle say?”?

Their is 18 squares on my paper, please only say if you know the answer. this is 7th grade math it would be more helpful if you had done this because you would know the answer.3 AnswersAlthough there are 18 squares, 5 squares are blank. _I_COME_INPIECESSource(s): MATHAlien JigsawSource(s): Site Might Help You. RE: HOMEWORK … Read more

High-school level physics question?

You are driving home from school steadily at 95 km/h for 130 km. It then begins to reain and you slow to 65 km/h. You arrive home after driving 3 hours and 20 minutes. a. How far is your hometown from school?b. what was your average speed?any advice is appreciated! thanks in advance!2 AnswersFirst. (130km) … Read more

What other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE?

The original question of this is: Only one other word can be made from the letters of INSATIABLE. Can you find it?Please help5 AnswersbanalitiesBanalities.banalities:means expressions, phrases, or words that have become stale or dullUnquenchableBANALITIES INSATIABLE ANALITIES STAINABLE ALIENIST ANTIBIAS INSTABLE LABIATES LITANIES SATIABLE SIBILANT SIBILATE ABELIAN ABELIAS ABLATES ABSTAIN AIBLINS I used anagram lol

is the singer from disturbed Howie mandell?

6 Answersyes. the lead singer of disturbed is that dude who hosts that game show with little, silver briefcases.The lead singer of Disturbed is David Draiman. Not Howie Mandell. Whens the last time you saw Howie Mandell with piercings on his chin or being from Chicago.This has to be the stupidest question I’ve ever read…No … Read more

Tiny hairlike receptors that monitor the tilting of your head are located in the?

Tiny hairlike receptors that monitor the tilting of your head are located in theA) ganglion fibers.B) fovea.C) olfactory bulb.D) vestibular sacs.3 AnswersVestibular sacs. These sacs are filled with a fluid, and when the orientation of your head changes the shifting fluid agitates the hairs on your cells, producing the sensation of balance and movement.D. Vestibular … Read more

I was looking for a game called ZEN BONES from the Hoyle Board games but I can’t seem to find it can you help?

ZEN BONES IS A BOARD GAME THE MATCHES TILES TO ONE ANOTHER UNTIL ALL ARE MATCHED..4 Answersold board games. Try looking here.Zen Bones GameSource(s): this helps. It lists Zen Bones as the last game under description.Source(s): you gave me a choice between playing board games or playing a harp, the board games … Read more

what are dominic zamprogna’s tattoos of?

does any one know what the tattoo on is arm is???does any one know where i can fid a good pic of it.3 AnswersHere is the answer he gave to soap opera digest.The one on the back is a doodle he drew in high school. The band around his arm is the taurus sign and … Read more

Is Opinion Outpost legit? Or a Scam?

24 AnswersMostly a waste of your time and energy. The message appears "You are not qualified" when you try to take a survey. Which makes no sense. When you do begin some surveys, you might find yourself seeing the message "You are not being honest" 20 minutes into the survey. Which makes no sense since … Read more

What if I wear a thong in the locker room?

Ok so I’m going into high school and I wear thongs occasionally b/c I play volleyball (spandex shorts you know) and we sometimes will be having games after school, and besides i think they’re more comfortable. I don’t really care about people seeing my, but I’m worried that people will write me off as … Read more

Do anyone know what happened on Katt Williams Vs. Steve Harvey?

umm can anyone give any details?8 AnswersMy brother’s answer: Well, me went to di show last night and as Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, and da rest of the foxxhole family was expecting he (Katt Williams) basically did jokes on Steve and threw in some new jokes in between each thing he would say about Steve. … Read more

which statement is true about every parallelogram?

1) All four sides are congruent2) The interior angles are congruent3) two pairs of opposite sides are congruent4) The diagonals are perpendicular to each other2 Answers3) two pairs of opposite sides are congruent3) only

Can unfrozen hot pockets be eaten?

We bought hot pockets but we don’t have enough room in the freezer so we just stuffed it in the fridge. Is it still good? What’s the worst that could happen to it if it’s not frozen?Is there a time frame I need to eat them by?4 AnswersYeah they are still fine but just dont … Read more

Alexander’s kingdom was split into _____ major parts?

please help me guys.Alexander’s kingdom was split into _____ major parts1 AnswerFour. His successors were called the Diodachi. The parts were the kingdom of Macedonia (most of Greece), Antigonus (western Asia Minor and Thrace), Ptolemy (Egypt), and the Seleucid empire…The largest part, being eastern Asia Minor, Iran, and Syria.The Diodachi fought among themselves, from about … Read more