For a given initial projectile speed vo, calculate what launch angle a gives the longest range R. Show your work, don t just quote a number.?

1 AnswerFor a given angle θ from the horizontal:Vertical component of velocity will be v.sinθHorizontal component will be v.cosθTime taken to reach maximum height:v = u + ata = -gv = 0u = v.sinθ0 = v.sinθ – gtt = v.sinθ/gDistance covered in time t= v.cosθ.v.sinθ / g= v²sinθcosθ / g= v²sin(2θ) / (2g)The distance will … Read more

I dont understand what a priming read does in c++ help!!!?

I have been reading various source of information about priming read with while loop when reading multiple sets of date with c++ from an external file.Although I have successfully been able to implement a code using this concept, I have no clue and did not understand the explanation of my teacher on how it works … Read more

What does the phrase “Greyhound don t flow on water” mean?

1 AnswerYou haven’t said in what context you saw it but my vivid imagination tells me you mean the Greyhound coaches,in which case the following conversation might take place.Jack,”Can I take the Greyhound from USA to England”?Travel advisor” Greyhound doesn’t float on water”.

Where do electricians like to sleep when they travel?

Its for my math hw and i cant figure out the riddle!2 AnswersDo you have a worksheet with that heading? Google turned up this example – does it look familiar?… (second page)Maybe the answer is as simple as, in a bed like everyone else.

does Kodak Pearlized photography paper make a difference?

Is it worth paying for pearlized photography paper. They say its the best photographic paper available. Is that true? thanks7 AnswersI haven’t heard of it that pearl papers the best paper available.. but I’m assuming it is, because when I received samples in the mail, they had that sample on the very first page. They … Read more

How much does an XBOX game weigh? with Case included?

weight of xbox game cd in green case.7 Answersi will use the halo 2 and halo 3 games to answer this question just look at the links belowHalo 2 = Shipping Weight (in pounds): 0.45 Halo 3 = Shipping Weight (in pounds): 0.4 on the links the first one is halo 2 the second is … Read more

How do you say Stussy?

Is it pronounced as Stuh-sie or like Stew-sieAlso, how would you label people who wear Stussy brand clothing?Lastly, for people who wear stussy, what kinda shoes do you wear? [Nike Dunks perhaps?]Theres this big “Stussy” trend with my friends, we live in Hawaii, and I’m just wondering how other people from other places say or … Read more

How far away can fireworks be seen?

is it at least a 5 mile radius?2 AnswersDepends on the fireworks. There’s a casino thats…hmm about 3 -4 miles away from my sister’s house, and every July 4th and New Years they pop fireworks, and I could see it from her house. That’s the ƒᴀʀтhest I ever seen fireworks from a distance. But thats … Read more

What does TR stands for in my college program transcript?

on my program transcript for college, it says TR on the credit column. what does it mean because it didn’t explain it.yes i took those classes somewhere else, but howcome there is no grade that appear on it? it shows my credits but not my garde.8 AnswersIt’s an abbreviation for transfer. For transfer credits, you … Read more

What is the next number in series 3, 4, 6, 9, 13, 18, 24?

11 Answers31. +1,+2,+3 etc31. 3+1=4, 4+2=6, 6+3=9…313131Source(s): my brain3131The first number increases by 1 and then the second by 2 and so on. Just add 1 to each previous increase.31.The answer is 31…….3,4 is one number added~ 4,6 is two numbers added~6,9 is three numbers added~9,13 is four numbers added~13,18 is five numbers added~18,24 is … Read more

Help with Naughty Nurse Names?

I’m looking for a great name to put on my “name tag” for my nurse costume. So far I have:Ms. DiagnosisMs. TreatmentMs. PainAny other good ideas out there? Nothing too dirty, I have to work in my costume tonight.THANKS16 AnswersAfeelya Pain! lolNurse NaughtyFunny Nurse NamesSource(s): Turnerhedencoff haha just kidding….Nurse Naughty?Nurse TammyNurse PamelaNurse BettyNurse HackerNurse … Read more

I have a “legend” brand tv I wanted to know a universal remote that works?

I was given a Legend tv and it didn’t come with a remote. I’ve been looking for one and wanted to know if one that may work for it.7 Answerstry sylvania or emerson codes. if not, use this.… if that doesn’t work. call me and i’ll entertain you, bby.Legend Tv BrandSource(s): BrandsSource(s): … Read more

what is the purpose of an eegtl tax?

I got an 11 cent eegtl tax in one paycheck a month ago… ?eegtl = employee group term life (insurance)2 AnswersI believe it is the payroll people made an error in the prior pay period. That result in 11 cents refund back to you.The Group-Term Life Insurance Coverage is part of section 125 cafeteria plan … Read more

Where can I find MVA Form DL-202?

I need it as a Proof of Residential Address. I can’t seem to find it in the internet nor in the forms section of the MVA website. Do I get the form when I get to MVA?9 AnswersThis Site Might Help You.RE:Where can I find MVA Form DL-202?I need it as a Proof of Residential … Read more

What does “Characters Welcome” mean, when they advertise a TV show?

I hear this phrase almost every time a program is advertised, on certain networks, and I’m curious, as to just what this means! ~ Are they requesting certain people to watch, or, are they seeking participants?Guess I’m just stupid, or something, because, even with an answer, I still do not know what this phrase means!So, … Read more

Does Rasheed Wallace have a bald spot on his head?

Every Time I watch the Pistons I see Rasheed Wallace I think he has a bald spot on his head but maybe it is just a tatoo.Im not quite sure.7 Answersyes he has a bald spot from ring worm.I”m not sure the Medical term for it, but my dad has the same exact thing, it’s … Read more

who would win parallax vs galactus?

I’m talking about zero hour parallax aka hal jordan who went mad and killed all the green lantern corps and went about trying to rewrite history even superman was afraid of him and it took the entire dc universe to defeat himor galactus the guy who eats planets, though he is superpowerful and he would … Read more

People who get more tickets…?

A. Get in more collisionsB. Started driving at an earlier ageC. Have red carshelp?3 AnswersNo help here. This is the aircraft section.It is probably A though, just using common sense.None of the above, its just they get caught or the cops a Ԁıc̫ҡ, which if a 18-25 year old is speeding he gets a ticket, … Read more