Question about a Pre-Printed Pay Stub?

First off, I understand what my pay stub is, but I don’t get them. I have direct deposit, but I need to use a pay stub as my proof of residency to get my license (I live in Texas). Question is:

Do I need to get my employer to get me one, or can I print one out myself using the website my boss gave me?

Need answers by tonight, please.. going up tomorrow to get everything scheduled in the morning.

5 Answers

  • print one yourself, as long as the info is correct all should be well.

  • Yes you should be able to print a pay check stub form the employer website for this purpose and time in your life other wise you will have to get a copy from them tomorrow when you do need it to get your license at that time in your life OK.

    Hope that yo find the above enclosed information useful. 09/12/2013

  • most major employers are providing pay stubs and W-2’s on line to their current employees by giving them an access number they use on the company web site

    and yes, if you make a copy of your pay stub, it is a valid copy

  • Print it from the website. Some, not all, employers have the online. Sounds like yours does.

  • You should be able to just use the website provided to you from your employer, if that doesn’t work contact him.

    Source(s): I’ve worked with people who get D.D.

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