Question about clogged arteries?

I’m someone that has gone on stretches of eating well and then sometimes the opposite, but moreso on the crappier diet. So my question is, how do I find out how much junk is stuck in bad places like my arteries? And why isn’t there any approved method of going in and breaking up the plaque or whatever it is…. I mean we can pour CLR into our bath tubs to get rid of grime and mildew and draino to clear up our clogged sink….  

My guess is it’s very unlikely to be covered by anything especially since I’m 38 and would surely have to go somewhere private… I’m not sure why I feel this is so important but I would like to know…. 

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  • Unlike drains, arteries are constantly being renewed so the clogging analogy is not to be taken literally. As others say junior asprin can thin the blood, and statins help with keeping things clear so this is one to take to your doctor if you are worried to get a blood test. Avoid saturated fats in your diet: I threw away my frying pan decades ago and microwave everything without any animal fat.

  • Merely take a baby aspirin once a day and your worries are over.

  • Statins are the answer to clogged arteries. Sometimes aspirin is prescribed as well.

    A simple blood test will determine your cholesterol levels. Avoid all animal fats especially full fat milk, ᴮᵁᵀᵀer and lard. 

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