Questions to ask volleyball players? (for yearbook page)?

I im yearbook and for some strange reason ive been assigned as the volleyball editor, when i know nothing about the sport…

what are some good questions to ask the players?

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  • most kills, worse injury, mvp, and who plays what position

  • Your lucky, volleyball players make for fun interviews. Ha ha.

    Try asking them things like:

    -Favorite Game

    -Game they felt they played best in

    -Favorite funny quote

    -Favorite serious quote

    -Best bonding moment

    -Weirdest moment

    -Worst referee

    -Favorite position to play

    -Why they like that position

    -When they felt the most proud of themselves/their teammates

    -If their plans include volleyball out of school.

    Hope this helped.

    Sincerely, “Zuko”

  • ask them how many games they won, who plays what position, and stuff like did being on a team help you bond (YES!) lol and stuff like that. ans them about any experiences in articular that they remember from a game or any particularly mean referees (i got one of those once lol). ask if they want to play colege volleyball (probably a yes but… lol =]) ans ask if they had any REALLY memorable games! and ask what they want to add =]

  • ask about injuries, because those are big in volleyball

    who’s the captain, best setter, hitter, digger

    what color spandex is their favorite. haha jkjk

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