Random Fun Things to Do While Rolling(MDMA)?

Me and my friend Ana are going to roll on Friday, I'm super excited for it because she is soo much fun, but me and her want to know if there are ay 'activities' you reccomend whil rolling? Games, actions, all that good stuff(:

Thanks guys!

Rolling is ingesting MDMA(ecstacy pills/tablets/capsules)

4 Answers

  • just buy some glow sticks and put some techno and dubstep on your ipod.. make sure you have some gum because it makes you clench your jaw, and make sure you have some vitamin C like orang juice or something it will make your roll last longer! have fun gonna be safe should have a good time!

  • playing pool is super cool also swimming is like probably the best thing to do as long as your not to ****** up... dont do that **** to much man i used to be like you and it ****** my brain up gave me paranoia i cant even go to a party without thinking the cops are going to show up

  • cigarettes, whip-its (******* awesome), massages, techno/dubstep, touching fuzzy things, dancing

    Take plenty vitamin C to prevent neurotoxicity !!

  • What is "rolling"?

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