Read the excerpt from Annus Mirabilis by John Dryden. What viewpoint does the excerpt reflect?

The undistinguish’d seeds of good and ill,

Heaven, in his bosom, from our knowledge hides:

And draws them in contempt of human skill,

Which oft for friends mistaken foes provides.

1) It is hard for humans to evaluate events in terms of potential outcomes.

2) It is difficult for humans to maintain a firm faith in God.

3) It is often difficult for humans to learn from their experiences.

5) It is not possible for humans to be friends with their foes.

6)It is difficult for humans to think well of their enemies.

5 Answers

  • John Dryden Annus Mirabilis

  • Poetry is more about creating fanciful imagery than accurately representing reality. Nice for inciting pleasant daydreams, but useless for describing how reality actually works.

    1) Humans who are careful to distinguish between objective reality and their subjective experiences are much better at evaluating potential outcomes.

    2) Only humans with a poor grasp on reality are able to maintain what they perceive as faith in God.

    3) Again, people who are able to distinguish between objective reality and their own mental experiences are better able to learn from their experiences.

    4) missing…

    5) Wrong. It is possible, even common, for foes to respect their opponent’s integrity and determination.

    6) Narrow-minded bigots hate their enemies, while those who can think deeply often respect “the loyal opposition,” as a matter of principle.

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  • I think it’s D

  • what is the answer

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