requesting time off from meijer?

I am a meijer employee and wondering if i can request a day off from my computer at home? I know i have done it there in the store, but wondering if there was the website that i can access at home? I go to my info page but i cannot find the information there to do it on that site.

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  • i work at another grocery store(giant eagle) and all i can do at home is access my account for payroll and employment information and services, i can not view my schedule or request off time as the time clock software(BlueCube Software) is not web based. you have to do it on a computer at the store you work at. if you are unsure if you can access the timeclock software at home, just call your local HR office, they will be able to help you.

  • Meijer Employee Portal

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    Why on earth do you need a website to request time off. You simply ask your supervisor/manager

  • can I request days off here at home?

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