Response back to “I miss your lips”?

My boyfriend has posted his facebook status as: "I seriously miss my girlfriend...i miss your lips babe."

I don't want to comment back by saying, "I miss your lips too", because that's so common...any suggestions on a comeback for that one!? loll

7 Answers

  • U could say something sweet and simple like " holding ur hand gives me streignth and comfort... I miss ur touch.." sweet and simplye but would mean alot

  • I would literally just put a 'X' [kiss]. its simple yet powerful. the status calls for nothing more

    Source(s): Psychologist
  • What if you say.

    My lipz miss you babe!

    I dont knw lol.

  • "if i lost em, i'd miss em, too." Humor always gets me. throw in a smiley or somethin, also.

  • I miss your hotdog and chocolate balls.


  • Idk... something like: I miss you in more ways you could ever know <3

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