Ring finger superstition?

Is there a superstition in any culture that explains the sudden slight pain of the wedding finger? This is the second time I’ve gotten this slight pain, it’s not really painful just sort of brings your attention to that finger. I’m 23 and don’t have arthritis nor does it run in my family, and it’s only that one finger. The feeling goes away after about 5 minutes and this is the second or third time it’s happened. Any idea?

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  • cramping

  • I have heard two superstitions.


    The wedding finger, supposedly has a direct line to the heart, which is why we use that finger for the ring. If your spouse is faithful then you won’t experience anything but if he is lying to you in some way (eg cheating on you) then you will experience small pain.


    This superstition is not recent, it goes way back to the Victorian times. If your wedding finger gives you small pain when you wear no ring, you are about to meet your love. The more often it happens/the more it hurts the closer that day is. When you meet him, the pains stop.

    I would not just rely on superstitions though, you may just have a cramp, temporary circulation problems or tremors.

  • From what I understand, the reason we wear wedding rings on the left hand, on the finger that we do, is because it’s thought to be a direct line to your heart. I have heard that some think that if you feel anything in that finger when you are away form your spouse, that it’s a way to know if they are being faithful. No pain, or feeling, they are being true. If you get sensations in that finger, they are cheating. Kinda like the old wives tale that when your ears ring, someone is talking about you. I don’t beleive either. You are probably experiancing some nerve issues, maybe from typing.

  • I’ve never heard of any superstition related to your ring finger. It’s probably because your ring is too tight. Take it to a local jeweler and get it sized. That should help.

  • I’ve been married for almost 3 years now and this has happen to me a number of times. I even went as far as to having my ring re-sized and that still didn’t help. Not sure the reason for this, but I know exactly what your talking about.Ive heard people say it could mean a cheating spouse, but i trust my hubbie very much!

  • The ring finger is said to be connected in some way to the heart. That is why the golden wedding ring. There is something that is drawing your attention to this, and there is definitely a reason…keep your heart open, and your mind…if you are not in a relatioship there may be one in the works…if you are, it may be taking a turn…for better or worse. Do not let it bother you at this point, just stay alert.

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  • There is no superstition that says anything of the sort.

    Is your ring too tight? It could be cutting off your circulation.

  • i get sharp pains in the fingers of my left hand (ring finger and middle finger) when i am nervous, are you nervous at the time?

  • Itchy Ring Finger Superstition

  • It goes back to Victorian times. There is something to it. I think you are about to meet your love.

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