Robert Pattinson’s phone number?

I was wondering what Rob Pattinson's United States (NOT ENGLAND) phone number is? [ like he won't answer; its a fan number ] thanks a bunnchhhhh =]

& I looooooooooove Twilight

& cant wait for NEW MOON<3

Iz, how do you know his cousin?

by the way, the us number doesn't work . so much for knowing his cousinnn.

5 Answers

  • The numbers posted are not 4 realz & yes I called to check. The us 1 is a rejection line & the other 1 doesn't go through. It is hurtful 2 post things like dat. I don't really care either way but good luck. I would like to talk to him or TL or even nikki but a chance like dat never happens unless ur crazy enough 2 follow them everywhere &/or rich &/or famous 2 some level. I say give it up or stalk him. But like I said Good Luck!!!!! Ps: can't wait 4 New Moon either!!!!

  • His phone # in the states is, 323-281-9412

    But his crib in England is, 09061 100 596

  • 323-281-9412

    The England one:

    09061 100 596

  • oh geez

    he gave out his phone number?!

    that phone must be ringing 24/7 O_o

  • (973) 409-3277

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