Sagging pants with Compression short under?

I play hockey and Lacrosse and on day that I have a game or practice I wear my compression shorts to school and that way I can just go to where ever after school and not have to change my underwear along with everything else. Is this ok? Cause they are slippery my pants sag more then they do with just my boxers or boxer-briefs is that ok? Girls do you like this? Guy do you wear compression short as normal underwear?

The ones for Hockey………

For Lacrosse………

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  • go for it

  • Why not just wear a speedo bikini or square front – either underneath your board shorts or instead of? This is one of the reasons I don’t wear board shorts, and plus they are hard to swim in (lap swimming) because they drag terribly. If you are swimming, try the speedo only. If for just hanging out, then try the speedo underneath your board shorts. Lots of guys do this. The good thing is that the speedo dries really quickly. You could also get a swim jammer, but these are expensive and may be too tight. Hope this helps.

  • it dosent matter, if its easier for u, do it. i personally wear compression shorts some times and it really feels better when sagging. the ladies do like boxers mor though

  • my boyfriend wears them as normal underwear and i dont have a problem with it (: and so do my brothers. but im not a big fan if saggy pants….unless you got a really good butt haha

  • That is true

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