Sagittarius? who are you attracted to Aquarius or Taurus ?

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  • they should go for Leo or Aries

  • You are talking about Sun Signs.

    Someone who has their SUN in Sagittarius (born late Nov to late Dec) will be STRONGLY attracted to someone who had Sagittarius rising on the eastern horizon at the time they were born, as seen from the latitude of their birth, and the actual full birthdate.

     But ONLY if that person’s Ascendant/Rising Sign is no more than 8 degrees away from the position of their Sun.

    For instance if Sun is at 3 degrees of Sagittarius, they will be strongy attracted to someone who has their Ascendant beween 25 Scorpio and 11 Sagittarius.  But NOT to someone who has more than 11 degrees of Sagittarius over the eastern horizon.

    All REAL astrologers compare all 10 planets and the Ascendant with those same factors in the other person’s unique birthchart.  NOT looking at the Signs, since those don’t matter, but looking for specific distance.  Because THESE distances (synastry aspects) are what determines HOW you interact with a specific individual.

    Sun sign astrology – doesn’t work for anything. Except to make money writing about Sun signs for a public that is either too lazy or ignorant to learn what astrology IS.

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