Science homework help !?

Anwer any of them ! ;D

1) Use volume and meniscus in the same sentence.

2) What units can be used to express the volume of a solid?

3) A nugget of gold is placed in a graduated cylinder that contains 85mL of water. The water level rises to 225mL after the nugget is added in to the cylinder. What is the volume of teh gold nugget?

4) Do objects that have large masses always have large weights? Explain your answer.

3 Answers

  • 1) When measuring VOLUME in a graduated test tube, you must be careful about how you read the measurement, because the MENISCUS can lead to a mis-read.

    The MENISCUS is the effect when water's surface tension either makes the water "bulge" up, away from the sides of the test tube, or creates a "concave" depression on the top of the water, where the water "sticks" to the sides of the test tube.

  • What is number 3

  • To measure the volume of liquid, you should look at the bottom of the meniscus

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