Select the correct statement about the Persian Wars.?

A. Sparta and Athens fought against each other, as Athens supported Persian rule of the Greek city-states in Asia Minor.

B. Athens and Sparta united to defeat Persia.

C. Darius, the son of Xerxes, sent battleships to the mainland of Greece and conquered both Athens and Sparta.

D. The Greek city-states rallied around Sparta after the victory of the Persian War, as the citizens enjoyed being helots for Spartans.

3 Answers

  • A. False, they fought together against Persia.

    B. True. Of several hundred Greek city-states, only thirty-one decided to resist the Persian army; these states were led by Sparta, Corinth, and Athens: the Greek League. Sparta was made leader of all land and sea operations. While the Spartans were principally responsible for the victory, the Athenian fleet was probably the most important component of that victory.

    C. False, the Greeks were victorious, and it was Xerxes who sent an army of some 150,000 men and a navy of 600 ships to the mainland of Greece.

    D. False, the majority of Greek city-states didn't turn to Sparta; they turned, rather, to Athens and the Athenian fleet. Also, Helots were class of unfree peasants in Spartan society--state-owned serfs. I doubt any greek citizens would want to be helots.

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  • A is wrong here because neither desired to be under Persian rule

    c is wrong because Darius was stopped before he got to Athens and Sparta

    d is wrong because you did not want to be a helot under Spartan rule because one of the things that happens is that a Helot would be murdered by a Spartan as a rite of passage

    B is correct because they combined forces and eventually defeated Persia

  • Probably it's Okay

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