Sesamoid bones occurring in some tendons function to

Sesamoid bones occurring in some tendons function to


Sesamoid bones are small masses embedded in some tendons and are usually located in places where a tendon passes over a joint.Their functions are to adjust the pressure, to decrease friction, and to change the direction of a muscle pull.Thus, protecting the tendon, and improving its mechanical function.
Type of Bones


Sutures are a type of fibrous joint that binds two bones together into a solid, immobile expanse of bone. We are most familiar with sutures in the skull that connect the different cranial bones  Sesamoid bones are small bones embedded in tendons where they pass over a joint. The most prominent sesamoid bone is the kneecap, officially known as the patella. tSurrounding your brain is the part of your skeleton known as your skull. Your skull is made of bone and cartilage, or firm tissue; its job is to protect your brain. Some of the bones surrounding the brain, and some of the bones are facial bones. Facial bones are bones like the jaw and cheekbonesThe hyoid bone is small, U-shaped bone in the throat. It is located in the front, middle of the throat between the lower jaw and the larynx, which is also called the voice box. The hyoid bone is involved in several functions of the throat, including breathing, swallowing, and talkingThe coccyx is a small bone at the base of your spine.Our spines are made up of 24 small bones in our back that support the weight of our bodyThe sternum is one of the largest flat bones in the human body. It located in the center of the chest, which is why it is often called the breastbone

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