Shaving my chihuahua a good idea?

My parents secretly shaved my short haired chihuahua, thinking it would stop the shedding a little bit.. her hair was about 1/2 inch long… she looks like she has mange now 🙂 LOL… is she still gonna shed like she use to?

Please no stupid answers saying it was a stupid thing to do.. just answer my question..!!

Sorry… we did not completely shave her.. her hair is about 1/4 inch long now

My parents said they also did it to keep her cool outside cuz it gets really hot out sometimes.. she still has a lot of fur though so I highly doubt she will get sunburned.. but hey I guess it’s good that shes gotta lotta hair right.. shes not sick 🙂

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  • Of course she will still shed. The hair will just be shorter that falls out.

    Since your parents do not like dog hair, I would seriously think of rehoming this dog to people that actually like dogs.

    Maybe a pet from Toys R Us would be better for your family.

  • No, it was not a good idea (that WAS your question…whether or not it was a good idea). Shaving a dog does NOT in any way shape or form reduce the amount of hair that they shed. Your dog will still shed the exact same amount. The ONLY difference is that now the hairs will be shorter and have a sharp end where they were cut which will make them MUCH more difficult to remove from cloth. Not only that, but the sharp ends can even stick into your skin (from personal experience I can assure you that dog hair “splinters” HURT!) which will make petting your dog less comfortable for you.

  • DO NOT SHAVE THEM Beagles have a short enough coat as it is. Any shorter and that will leave him/her susceptible to heatstroke or frostbite. There are two different coat types in a chihuahua. The most I could suggest is getting the long coat trimmed a bit, but never shaved! Also, your dogs should really get out more that just to use the restroom. Beagles need to ruuun

  • I shave my chihuahua’s fur about 3 times over the course of the summer. I shave in the same direction that the fur grows. She does tend to shed a lot and shaving her cuts back on it immensely. I think she looks better shaved, her fur tends to grow longer around her neck and chest and makes her look front heavy. I love her shaved or not but she tends to appreciate being shaved in the summer. Louisiana heat is a killer although she spends hardly any time outside. So no she shouldn’t shed like she used to.

  • I seriously hate it when replying to questions, people always have to be rude and sarcastic. Sure, shaving it wasn’t the best idea, but other people shouldn’t be telling you to rehome it just because of this. I mean come on, we’ve all messed up every now and then.

    But to answer your question, yes the hair will still shed. However since its shorter it will be less noticable, so that could help you out. I personally don’t see anything wrong with shaving it as long as it doesn’t harm the dog (i.e. rash or something). Also be sure to keep it out of the sun because it could risk getting sunburned and make sure the little guy doesn’t get too cold (maybe a little jacket or vest could help). Anyways, hope this helps. Good luck with your little guy! 🙂

  • Shaved Chiwawa

  • I didn’t think it was possible to shave a short haired chihuahua!

    But yes, when hair grows, she will shed just as much as before.

  • That was an incredibly stupid thing for your parents to do. Your chihuahua is still going to shed! Now it’s just doing to shed short prickly hairs. The best way to combat shedding is to brush daily.

  • It should not have been shaved. Once the hair grows back it will still shed. Changing foods might have been a better idea.

  • when her hair grows back, sure! just dont do it again… make sure she has a little puppy jacket or something, she has no fur so she might get cold! but thats the thing with short haired dogs, dont shave them! 😉

    to stop the shedding… maybe umm go outside and scratch her up and down so that the hair that is loose come out then brush it off with your hand. also try the scratching thing then use one of those rollers that get pet hair off of clothes! the shedding wont be too bad in summer ,like now, just like in the spring, spredding off that winter coat.

  • okay i worked in a grooming salon for years and shaving a dog really will not stop the shedding of hair if the groomer told her that they lied. they will only shed shorter amounts of hair because the hair is short. the best thing to use is a brush that called the furmanator its sold at most pet stores and use a conditioner after giving her a bath

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