ship is to trip as shout is to…?

10 Answers

  • Ship is to trip as shout is to rout? (meaning disturbance)

  • trout. you go on a ship to take a trip. there is a relation. but you dont go on a shout to take a ___. There is no direct relationship in the meaning of words, so it must be of the spelling, in which case makes trout

  • Sea travel is not referred to as a trip but a voyage, crossing or cruise. So the connection is either with the rhyme – in which case an analogy could be bout, out, tout, rout or whatever. The connection could also be in the commonality of the last two letters – in which case the analogy could be but, shut, etc. as well as the aforementioned rhymes.

  • be heard, because sometimes you need a ship to take a trip and sometimes you need to shout to be heard. sounds good to me!

  • definitely TROUT

  • ghetto blasters

  • trout

    switch of the “sh” with the “tr” is my reasoning haha

  • loud

  • trout?

  • heard?

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