Should I buy the Beats headphones?? Please help. ?

I’ve wanted to try a pair of Beats by Dre headphones for awhile, but I’ve been debating if the price is worth it. I’ve been using Sony wired standard headphones that I pay $25 for… for the last ten or so years. I’m not a fan of wireless headphones, that’s why I’ve been looking at  Beats wired ones. But are the worth the pay? How long does the typical pair last? Or do you recommend something else? 

Here’s what I hope to get in a pair of headphones: 

• Wired 

• Good sound quality 

• Bass 

• Long lasting life 

So, what are your thoughts? Highly appreciated. Thanks. 

3 Answers

  • Check some websites for best headphones at price points.There are tons of them.

    Beats is likely crap being sold on name recognition to black people.

  • No,   

    They are ridiculously overpriced and are not good quality. 


    There are 25 to 35 other brands that offer better performance for the same money or less.   

  • They are cheap Chinese junk. Buy BOSE

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