Should I cover the Rabbits cage at night?

I've had/have a few birds, I've wondered if I should cover my rabbits cage at night. The bunny's been sleeping fine I assume, but should I cover it at night when hes inside with me, due to weather conditions?

I'm just curious. 🙂

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  • Oh Honey rabbits don’t belong outdoors to start with; please don’t let people tell you that this is their nature because it is not. They are domestic, not wild rabbits. Also the cage thing is really not helping at all because it’s a lot of work for you to clean up and it will restrict their freedom from zooming around then they are most active at dawn and dusk.

    The best thing to do! Bring the rabbit indoors to be with you at all times. Get rid of the cage and get a pen gate instead; and gate the rabbit in the house this will give them plenty of leg room to run and bounce around.

    You do not need to cover the pen gate unless there is a draft and it’s in the winter time, you can provide a ink free blank card board box with 2 holes on the sides to be able to go in and out of if needed more secure shelter. Make sure you spend about3-5 hrs a day with your rabbit this will bring out their personality and bond them with you.

    Don’t get anything from a pet store as far as toys, treats or food you’ll be spending money on the brand name instead! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about your rabbit’s health and well being

  • If you must keep them outside, they need a proper set up. There are some fantastic rabbit hutches that have a completely enclosed "nest box" with an open area on a top level that enters a pen area by way of a ramp. Really, pet rabbits (those you want to have live a full life and be social with you) should be indoors. Besides that, keeping them indoors will prevent your rabbits from becoming victims of parasite infestations (this is more of a problem than predation). Having witnessed flystrike (something you hope you'll never see), has me convinced that rabbits really ought to be kept indoors if you value them as pets. Outside, they're ripe targets for flies and other bugs to harm them. Rabbits aren't bothered by cold weather (50 F) so much as they are by heat (above 80 F). They're quite heat intolerant.

  • My rabbit LOVES the outdoors, the indoor/outdoor cage thing is apparently quite controversial. 🙂 But, with the right outdoor cage it is fun for the rabbit!!! All these answerers are telling you to move the rabbit inside, well, that is not theirs to choose. My rabbit has 3 cages. One outside, with a ramp and he has a playpen attached (at night when it is cold he had lots of bedding and a heating pad), then one similar to a dog crate in the garage for when it is super hot and he needs somewhere cooler, and one indoor one on casters which is for when I am going to the store or something and he needs to be contained, but not sleeping all night....He also has a playpen where I put him in the daytime.I know this really does not answer your question and I am sorry.

  • If he's sleeping, then he's probably fine, but I'd cover his cage up just to be sure.

    Being prey animals, rabbits like to be sheltered when they're asleep, so they usually need a plastic igloo (which can be found at any pet supply store) or something to hide in.

    He may be an easy-going bunny who's not worried about predators, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe.

    Hope this helps.

  • You definately should not cover the cage.

    How would you like it if someone covered up your entire house and you couldn't see outside? Think of it like that. Birds are different than rabbits.

    Your rabbit might freak if it woke up in the morning not being able to see anything.

    P.S. Keep the bunny inside. =(

  • at night I cover my bunnys cage because she is rite in front of the wall ac unit and I don't know if she could get sick so I cover her up is that ok to do????

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