Should I feel bad for giving my sister a Turkish snow cone?

3 Answers

  • A Turkish snow cone is the act of masturbating, and then ejaculating and letting the semen bubble up in your fist. Then your significant other will lick it up like they are eating a snow cone. The term Turkish snow cone came from the movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

    TMI dude

    but you can give me one 😛

  • Place overly gross Տҽ×ual innuendo here; people react... lowest form of trolling. Personally I prefer Rainbow Kisses myself; Piss Off, we here in the land of LGBT Section on the country of Yahoo! Answers have Standards; as the Tour Guide of the Castle Of Derpington where all Trolls a categorized I have to make sure those Standards are upheld. Unfortunately I am here to formally announce that you do not meet our Standards, Now go on; don't embarrass yourself any farther.

  • whats a turkish snowcone

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