Should I get my cdl without going to school?

I was told I can just study the book like getting a regular drivers licences and just take the driving part with a person license in training. Will I miss out on valuable training in trucking school. I heard it was a waste of time.

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  • Yes, you can PROBABLY get the basic CDL instruction permit by just studying the CDL manual provided by your state, BUT if you want to test for any endorsements at the same time, like for passenger, tanker or doubles, then a bit of extra classroom training would come in handy. The BIG advantage of going to a school is when you need to learn to actually drive a truck.

    You need to learn to park a big rig, back a trailer into a loading dock AND maneuver a heavy truck and trailer in close quarters, and THAT requires instruction and practice. You ALSO need to learn and remember the 150 points of a pre-trip inspection and brake check that you will be tested on BEFORE you do the driving test.

  • Even if you can get a CDL that way. Some states school it is required. Getting a job would be next to impossible due to insurance costs.-

  • No, it’s almost impossible to get a job without professional training. Also, what will you take to the road test? You can’t legally rent a tractor trailer without the license to drive it! How would it get to the test site? You WILL wind up paying in the end, get the training.

  • I am sure that when you take your written and practical exam, that the examiners will want PROOF of formal instruction.

  • go to school. many laws needed to know about that the book won’t mention

  • No

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