Should I give up on her?

So I have been talking to this girl for almost five months now. She asked me out two months ago, then told me to forget it three days later and that we should remain friends without giving me a reason.

I asked her why we couldn’t hang out and she finally told me, after four months of my obvious flirting, that she has feelings for someone else.

I confessed my feelings for her a week thereafter. I then told her that we should keep some distance from each other so that I could move on. I could not.

She asked me however if we could keep our friendship instead and I said yes. We now talk in a very friendly way, although my feelings for her have been growing stronger ever since. Is there still hope for me or am I forever stuck in the hellish friendzone?

1 Answer

  • You are in the friend zone. And by staying friends with her you are only annoying yourself. You’d be much better off distancing yourself from her and talking with and getting to know girls who want to date you.

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