Should I leave the group?

I have a toxic group of friends. We’ve known each other for yeaaars and I think it’s time I leave them. Everyone’s known us as that close group of friends that’s always together but I’ve secretly hated my time with them. They’re all too different from me and they’re certainly not kind people. They single me out and make me feel like I’m not really part of the group, nor do I feel I am. Should I leave?

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  • I know how you feel, my dear friend. I have been through the same. You must leave this group without a second thought and find yourself a true friend. The number of friends don’t matter but their sincerity sure does.

  • Definitely leave. I have left so many toxic people in the past few years, some friendships, some relationships, and even some family. It’s hard and certainly not fun but it is so much better than being around those that don’t care about or appreciate you

  • Yes, LEAVE! Why stay around if they make you feel this way?

    I was once apart of a friend group that was toxic. None of them had my best interest at heart, and many of them were very two faced. Being around them sucked the life out of me. It was difficult and awkward to cut ties with them (because I hate confrontation) but I felt SO much better once I did. Life is too short to surround yourself with negative people. Everyone deserves good, encouraging friends. Good luck!

  • Find a separate group who can include you as their own.

  • find a new group who has the same values and morals similar to you.

  • Ji

  • I had a similar group of friends…the more I hung out with them…more I became unhappy…and became kind a stressed …so I left all contacts with them…nd now I feel much happier and relaxed. I would suggest leave at least for your peace of mind.

  • Leave, of course. Just stop hanging out with them. Find new friends.

  • Yes leave. They are not kind, they are too different, and you dislike spending time with them. No reason to stay, is there?


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