Should I see a doctor if my spleen is hurting ?

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  • what’s a spleen

  • Hear me out, when your spleen started hurting were you having dental issues? There is a thing called the energy meridians and teeth are associated with organs, for instance I became diabetic when I lost my tooth connected with my pancreas teeth have thousands of tiny tubes that are energy channels to certain organs etc the left back of my teeth on the upper second to last tooth I lost and around that time I started feeling diabetic, and the dental industry and how teeth are repaired go against our natural flow and healing, spleen connected tooth is on the back upper right side of teeth opposite of the pancreas I speak of teeth energy meridians 

  • Atleast call them.

  • Yes you should.

  • How do you know it’s your spleen? Are you a doctor? If so you should know the answer to this question. 

  • Sure.

    How do you know it is your spleen? Could it be your appendix? Your liver? Do these things even have pain receptors? Could it be your stomach muscles? (yes, stomachs have muscles…)

    Whatevs. If your hurting down there, see a doctor.

  • Definitely, it could be a sign of something serious. If your heart and mind are saying so go and see the doctor …. gut instinct is never wrong.

  • Well that would be idea

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