Should I take the physics or biology SAT subject tests if I want to study chemistry?

I’m starting 11th grade next year, and will be applying to Oxford in 12th grade to study chemistry, and I know I should take a subject test in one other science since I’m not taking AP courses for them, but which one would help me more? Or should I take them both?

2 Answers

  • You want to study chem at Oxford, so you’ll be required to have AP exams or SAT II subject tests in math and chem. The others can be in any subjects you like, but they prefer a science for one of them. Either bio or physics would be fine – if you only want to take one of those, take the one you feel you’d do better in.

    You need at least three of these exams, and more is better.

  • biology involves biochemistry and some knowledge of chemistry, so personally i would take that

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