Should it bother me that my boyfriend won’t change his profile or cover photo of us on Facebook?

We sometimes do tag each other on stuff and he sometimes posts a pic of me on his profile but idk… I decided to finally change my cover photo to us both because I really felt like doing that.. when I told him (playing around) he could do the same, he told me he didn’t want to feel pressured to do something he doesn’t want and that if he ever did change it, it would be because that’s how he feels like doing. Later he changed his cover photo to his new truck to which he said he would never show off on social media because that’s not who he is. Later I changed my photo to something else and he right away began complaining about me changing the pic… should I be mad? Or am I over reacting?

1 Answer

  • It’s facebook. Why are you getting bothered over something on Facebook? It seems like a trivial thing to get upset over. :L

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