Should my girlfriend be upset that i have a female friend from before i met her?

So i have this friend from highschool who is female, i am male. I ve never had any interest in her i never even thought that might affect my relationship but when i pick up the phone if she calls or simply mention her in casual conversation my girlfriend fights with me about it. It s really frustrating because i could see how it could be upsetting but at the same time it seems unfair to tell your partner they can t be friends with someone if there s nothing wrong with it.In fact i never even hangout with this friend i only chat with her via text every so often and i let my girlfriend have full access to my phone, meaning she could even read our messages if she s worried and my girlfriend has looked into my phone multiple times looking for something but never found it yet this problem persists. I m at my wits end. Should i break up with my girlfriend who i love or cut out a friend to keep her?

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  • Chicks are nut cases get use to it , one day you may get lucky and find one that doesn’t have this issue but after 35 yrs of dating and relationships I have yet to find one , I have even dated bi girls who are happy to have a 3 way but they still get jelly if you actually speak to a female

  • I was dating this guy once who broke up with me because He said I got jealous of him and his female friend. It was untrue because i honestly saw them as friends and I never mentioned them but anyways, if you break up with her then it’s gunna seem like you’re choosing your friend over her which will only make her think she was right all along. Tell her how you feel and say you love her and you need her to trust you. Say you’ve never ever thought of your friend in that way. Does your gf have any guy friends you can compare the situation to? Best of luck, it’s a tricky one😬

  • You must ask yourself: If your GF had a male friend from before she met you and kept in constant contact with him, how would you feel? Answer that question with 100% honesty and you will have your answer!!

  • Your current GF is shallow, weak & lacks confidence.

    I would drop her like a 2 foot putt !

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