Should the British decommission trident and stop playing big boys when they are just a small insignificant island now?

5 Answers

  • In a nutshell, yes.

  • No, Americans should shut up and keep their noses out of what doesn’t concern them.

  • The case for nuclear deterrence is unproven. I would rather we did not renew Trident, but invested that money in our conventional forces, so that more young people could receive the professional training which the forces can provide and so that our national defence was not one dimensional.

  • The big joke is that the enemy are within – millions of Muslims and their allies are camped here with more waiting to be imported by loving friends in the government. Its almost futile spending billions to defend the enemy here.

  • It would be nice if this country would stop playing big boys and getting involved in conflicts such as the Iraq war. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many enemies by now and we wouldn’t need the trident nuclear deterrent.

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